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A movie idea and a t.v show idea for you Hollywood !
Published November 01, 2012 More Info Ā»

Cherry Rivers 3D ( Rated R )

Cherry Rivers 3D ( Cherry Rivers ( Sasha Grey ) born 16 1985 in Washington D.C at 4:20 pm here parents Mr. David and Teresa Rivers where both unemployed junkies living off the government. So Cherry Rivers was raised in a broken until she was 16 years old where her parents both OD on the same bad batch of H. So Cherry Rivers drop out of high school and became homeless until she was 18. When she got a job at a Strip Club called The Rose. A place owned by the king pin of all crimes in the world. An his name is Mr. Kenneth Rose aka Big Kenny ( King Kong Bundy ) an old Big Ken here run drugs \ prostitution \ weapons \ All things on the black market this evil man does it all in the crime world. Anyways when stripping at The Rose Cherry Rivers falls in love with Shane Eastwood ( Y2J Chris Jericho ) his a independent bounty hunter looking for Mr. Kenneth Rose you see. An when on Big Kenny's track Shane Eastwood is killed by some of Big Kenny's boys. An after that goes down Cherry Rivers quits here job at The Rose and picks up where her now dead boyfriend left off as she becomes the baddest ass solo act Bounty Hunter on the face of the Earth and she is out for revenge. An she is going old testament on your ass ! Because it's going to be an eye for eye ! So Big Kenny your as good as dead if Cherry Rivers gets her way ! But she has to get to him first. An well Cherry Rivers will kill anyone who stands her way in the tracking down and killing of Big Kenny the king pin of all things bad in this crazy mixed up world we all living in these days you know.)

Lets Talk Sports ( Rated TV 14 )

Lets Talk Sports ( Miss. Heather Pyle ( Gwyneth Kate Paltrow ) up-and-coming sports producer and single mother who unwillingly becomes an on-camera reporter because she needs the cash money ! . An so since she needs help with her son Billy Woods jr now days. She has her younger unemployed hipster sister Miss. Sally Pyle ( Kirsten Dunst ) move in with her so little hippie sister Sally Pyle is here and she is going to help her big sister Heather in raise little Billy Woods jr and what not a. Even if Heather and Sally can't get along a lot of most of the time. Because Heather needs all the help she can get with Billy these days. An Heather and Sally both need all the help they can get when it comes to finding some real men if you know what am sayin ladies ! O yes this little dirty sitcom comedy is a real dirty sitcom kind of a all out comedy that is real fun for the adults };-). A+ sh*t ! ) "BEST DAMN CAST EVER ONE THE BEST DAMN SiTCOM EVER !" Said: Jimbo FranklinĀ