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things allso known as a "rusty venture".
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Additional Credits:
the Venture Brothers on [adult swim]
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Published August 29, 2011

Feel free to Jack it.

its when you bet off to much and your petter get all red and sore.

its when you bend your junk back and but it in your bum then jack it untell you get off. (allso known as a double frog man)

its when you do it in the but then pull out before you bust so your lover can take a crap on it as you bust on there back (thats the rusty part) then you eat that off there back. (thats the venture part)

two in the pink and two in the stinker (allso known as the spocker)

two girls one cup.

Slipin the baloney pony to an old teacher of yours.

Ear f*ckin. (Now that is how you f*ck someone's branis out)

It's when the first person you F*ck since your wife left you is your old high school girl friend. ( an she likes to be the man.)


Given her that O ;)

that what they call it when you bang someone old as hell. 

An ATM into a Superman.

Having but sex on a bench in a baseball dugout.

jailhouse lovin.

geting your thing stuck in the zipper when trying on a pair old jean.
when you bust your rubber when sexing up a hooker.

Banging your X at there parents house.

spankin it to a 1970's VHS prono. (You just don't see hair like that anymore.)