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A 2 for 1 thing E.
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Published August 05, 2011

t.v shoe or movie ideas

Game Time: ( a hot chick Leia Howlett (in her 30's an is living with her parents.) makes the next new thing in gaming the Nova Master System and now has team up with Sega an Atari who have spilt off from Nintendo, Sony and microsoft in there try to take over the gaming world once more with a team of people put together by Leia Howlett. A show for Burnouts and Nerds.)

The Wing Man ( A master of a wing man and party animal now wants to start living a life of his own. But with the people around him and the never ending nagging from single people in the area it not going to happen. An you add some bad habits on top of all that  for this master man wing his dream isn't going happen for him anytime soon.)

Hard Time ( A new prison show like Oz or somthing like that but this time it's on the women's side of the prison.)

Off the Deep End (A man who has just went into retirement who has never had a wife an doesn't have kids and now that his not working there isn't much for a man like Al Summers to with him self. So he drives him self into a mega mid-life crisis. An things are about to get really wacky. Where talking hot rods, dive bars, hookes and more.)

Cover Up (Two long time cops Ricky Woods and Danny Fanklin find them self using the badge to do what they want an to get want they want when they want it at all times. But play it off as the good cops they once where isn't the easyest thing to do. But they will not stop and can not stop now in living a double life of crime.)

Dead Town ( A old steel town where there is no work where drug addiction and suicide are at an all time high makes it's hard to make it in the world as a want to be musicians/actor as a 22 year old women named Barbara Freeland. Being that once you get stuck in this town there is no way out of here but death.)

Monkey See Monky Do (where so hunky dude and some hot ass chick show us the next new hot things about to be coming out and they brake down what they think on things that have just came out. They will cover all things in entertainment and then some.)

Sub ( A subtitute by day and a bar manager by night keeping a marriage in good shap and keeping in touch with friends can and is really tuff to do at times. + dealing with asshole kids all day long and then the drunks at night can't be good for old Amanda Harts mindset at all these days. (Amanda Hart 31 years young no kids but wants them has been married to the same guy since she was 18). Will she lose her mind, marriage and friends. Or can she keep it together in her marriage/life when her man wants John Hart wants kids and her friends want to party when all she does is work her ass off? Find out on SUB.)

Tricky ( A clown falls in love with a stripper who become bar owners/murderer together.)

God of War (Turning them video games into a movie would cool A?)

Mo Money ( Making it rich in the world today is't as easy as the HBO show "How to Make it in America" this show or movie would tell the tell of what really is going down. You see this show/movie is the hardcore look at what is going down in the cash flow game in the US of A. An it iwll show us how a person young or old or anything in between can get a big cut out of it with out getting killed over it.)

Not Now Not Ever ( So this would be a show that gives single guys and girls the hook up on what to wear, where to go, where not to go and how to use them pick up lines the right way and so on. A kind of show that will help out the single people of the world in having a good time and meeting new people when doing your thing.)


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