A top ten "don't" list for women posting photos to Tinder
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Published: April 28, 2014


I’m sure you had professional hair and makeup artists on your wedding day and yes you looked beautiful in your dress, but I really don’t need to see to see the entire wedding album in the 5 pics you chose to post on Tinder. NOPE


Do you have any pics of your 3 kids with you actually IN the photo? NOPE


Do you own any clothes that don’t have a marathon or tough mudder race number pinned to them? NOPE


I know what the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Kilimanjaro Uhuru Peak sign and other famous landmarks look like, but thanks for sharing. NOPE


If you wore even bigger sunglasses and stood back from the camera another half-mile or so you would actually look like an ant (at least I think that’s the look you were going for??) NOPE


If you only post group photos of no less than 7 similar looking women I will have to assume you are not the hot one. NOPE


Have you ever had another human being take your photo, or did they always stand at an arms length from your Iknowtheduckfaceisoverplayedbutifidoitsubtleenoughnobodywillrealizeitsaduckface pose when they took it? NOPE


I love Halloween too, but if you’re wearing Cosplay every day in every photo then find yourself another friend for your furrie fetish. NOPE


Leave the tigers and fish to the dudes, go put on a bikini or a straw hat and scarf or both and ride an elephant or let a monkey sit on your shoulder already! NOPE


OMG I’ve never seen a woman with a fake mustache that’s so adorable! NOPE