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what old Miss Debbie Downer would have to say in 2011.
Published August 04, 2011 More Info »
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Published August 04, 2011

Thats Debbie

You know the USA will never get out of debt.

So mybe you should start learning Chinese.

if you think your not get laid now wait until you my age.

Did you know that there are more fat people in the U.S than there are starving kids in Africa.

So i hear Sarah Palin & Michele Backmann are go to run together in 2012.

I was thinking about becoming a part of the tea party but i don't want to get t bag agian.

Michelle Obama need to stop showing off her arm because i can't stand looking at them bingo wings.

Just so you know gay people your going to hate being Married.

But i would not know because no one  wants to be a 40 year old laides first.

so your lookin for a Job? well have fun with that.

In this day and age you have a better chance of geting a free job from a hooker than you do geting full time work.

I texted my clit once and everone blamed it on Brett Favre.

So i tryed a dating site and i went on a date with a guy  that  said I looked like a man in my pic.

Did you know suicide is at a all time high?

I have to sleep on the streets.

Just think are kids gandkids will still be living in are debt.

i have been come out with all kinds of movie, t.v shows and web shows ideas that have come out as of late but yet i have never need a dime from any of them at all what so ever. An yes i have to pay to see them just like you do. So yeah where is my mother f*cking money at FOD God D*MN! so f*ck you all i quit! now hand me that gun.

Did you know every time you watch Jay Leno the rich get richer and a comic dies?

That Ladie Gaga song born this way is about being born a gay man.

So i hear hell is like being a pirates fan but at least in hell there is less torcher.