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In light of the coming summer heat gingers are thrown in the spot light for too many hilarious reasons.
Published June 17, 2012 More Info »

- Why'd that nun hiss at me?

- I saw your status update. Did you get my friend request?

- I got sunburned yesterday,

- Did you watch Conan last night?

- Did you watch Louie last week?

- Fuck kathy griffin

- You can stop punching me now.

- Why doesn't anybody answer when I call?

- Did you get my text?

- Do you ever think my freckles will connect?

- What’s the best ringtone for text messages,

- I’d like to know what to expect when somebody responds

- Enough already! yes the curtains match the drapes!

- I may be a ginger my balls are skinheads

- Why are you punching me?

- Whelp you know what time of year it is see you in 4 months

- Trust me we hate Carrot Top more than you.

- Why doesn’t any one call me back?

- Interesting fact Carrot Top and Kathy Griffin are the same person

-There’s a difference! Albinos have no pigment, we have freckles.

- You are a drain on society, your “friends,” and the world. Eat a bullet already

             - Oh yeah? Well at least I don’t… uh… um… Fuck you Dad!

- Here take my money, it’s cool just stop kicking me

- I didn’t ask to look like this! God did it not me!

- And now you know why you don’t have a soul. God hates you. Don’t believe me? Find a mirror

- Why are you kicking me all I said was ‘Hi’

- What’s a beach?

- Summer's our February

- The IRS said I can't claim my gingeritis or my freckles... I said you have no idea what this shit has cost me.


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