It happens every year, big networks have to trim the fat and cancel PERFECTLY GOOD SHOWS. Here are my favorite shows that were cancelled this year and why I will miss them so much......

1) Emily Owens, M.D. - CANCELLED

Why I will miss this show:

For the same reason I'll miss Ben & Kate (also cancelled) because I like seeing the grossest kind of nepotism. Meryl Streep's daughter and Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith's daughter each get a show? Dammit- we already have to endure Will Smith's kids taking over the world- give us a break, Hollywood! 

Ya know, at least Prince William and Prince Harry have to "serve the people" by going into the Military and shit. I think kids of already famous people should be required to do a mandatory 5 years of shitty non-union extra work before they get their own fucking show.


2) 90210- CANCELLED

Why I will miss this show: 

My problem with the original 90210 was that the girls weren't anorexic enough, this version solved that.


3) Fringe- CANCELLED

Why I will miss this show: 

I know exactly two things about this show. Pacey is on it and I always confuse it for Bones (cuz really, what the hell is the dif?)

My main concern with this cancellation is that there will never be a suitable show for Joshua Jackson until they make a Dawson's Creek 2. His only place on TV is to be a teen that bones teachers.

4) Rules of Engagement –CANCELLED

Why I will miss this show: 

Because I love being constantly reminded of how David Spade USED to be funny.

5) Guys with Kids- CANCELLED

Why I will miss this show: 

Question for Executive Producer Jimmy Fallon: When you made a deal with the devil to do those Capital One commercials, did he only agree to give you those in exchange for your everlasting sense of humor? Cuz jesus dude. Men taking care of kids in 2013 is neither inventive, nor was it funny even when it was 3 men and a baby. 
And P.S. You singing the cheezy ass opening credits song won't bring back the "3 camera/taped before a live audience/great sitcom era of the 90's." Good writing will. 
Oh and P.P.S. Anthony Anderson raped somebody. So fuck him. Google it.

6) Body of Proof- CANCELLED

Why I will miss this show: 

I’ll miss this not for myself, but for all the sad middle aged men who’s wives wont let them watch porn. ALL THEY HAVE are strange ambiguously aged robot women on primetime TV, like Dana Delany. It was bad enough when Dr. Quinn got cancelled, so who do these sad men have now? Mariska Hargitay? She can’t do it on her own, guys!!!

7) Whitney- CANCELLED

Why I will miss this show: 

Because there's nothing more entertaining than a pseudo-sentimental show masked as a comedy. Whitney Cummings- please go back to doing really bad whiny stand-up about sucking dick. At least I won't have to see promos for that all the time.

8) The New Normal- CANCELLED

Why I will miss this show: 

Because I will miss pretending that this was the first Gay sitcom that boldly went where no show has gone before. Oh wait- what was that hugely giant show called Will and Grace about? 

9) How To Live With Your Parents For The Rest Of Your Life - CANCELLED

Why I will miss this show: 

I will miss this mostly because it was cancelled SO quickly, that I didn't have time to participate in the office pool about guessing HOW quickly the show would be cancelled. 

10) Family Tools- CANCELLED

Why I will miss this show: 

because I really love shit.