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February 16, 2011


20 Things Never Said:

1.Why won't the toothbrush tell lies to the fudge sandwich!
2.I floated and boated and loathed........in a brick shit storm!
3.Jihads make me feel like a natural cheeseburger
4.Reading this is like reading a elephants tatoo!
5.Why won't the Rancho Coocafunka CD talk back to me :(
6.My Rubix Cube has caught them all already Pokemon
7.My life is like a pair of feet, I caught blisters!
8. The Pickle-Monger must dieeeeee and fly to the skyyyy!
9 .If only Juggles the Cat could fly to get me my brewsky
10. Number 10 isn't as special as a FLOATING RICK JAMES!
11. My mullet won MULLET OF THE YEAR (Sponsored by Shitty-Tech)
12.I know what you done with Tim you glass-faced Youtube man :0
13. "Cholky polkey molkey!" ha, that was what the Russian fisher said
14. Disco dancing makes me feel as normal as a stoned sea shell B)
15. Don't make me go completely Chuck Norris on yo' crumby ass :C
16. The Mexican flexican took a lesson in rut-rut-rut-rut rhythmatics!
17. I'm a tye-dye belt in HIPPIE-FU!
18. Ha! You're cheesier than a 80's Pop sandwhich
19. The Watchmen need to gain some mutha-fudgin happiness!
20. My synthisizer can kick your Tortoise's lil' green a-hole :D


Keep an eye out for me :)
But if you only have 1 eye you better keep it it I guess XD