Who's ready to play a game? OK, fine, no need to be a dick about it, but I'll just explain it anyway, see if you're into it after all. It's called "DJ or Star Trek Alien Race," and it's as easy as it sounds. I'll give you a name and you have to decide whether it's a DJ (taken from DJ Mag's top 100 for 2011) or an alien race featured, or mentioned, on any of the 5 Star Trek TV shows. Sound easy? NOPE. It's not just dubstep or house that sounds like a UFO landing, it's also their weirdo space names. We're not keeping score and if you do, you might need to take a step back in life and get into Yoga or something. Good luck.

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January 17, 2012

1. Zatox?

2. Megarite?

3. D'Arsay?

4. Felguk?

5. Astriz?

6. Sky Spirits?

7. Farn?

8. Tritonal?

9. Mikhal Traveler?

10. Hologram?

11. Skazi?

12. J'naii?

13. Nero?

14. Q?

15. Boy George?



1. DJ

2. Star Trek 

3. Star Trek 

4. DJ

5. DJ

6. Star Trek 

7. Star Trek

8. DJ

9. Star Trek

10. Star Trek

11. DJ

12. Star Trek

13. DJ (but also a specific name of an alien in the 2009 Star Trek film, so it's tricky!)

14. Star Trek

15. DJ (possible alien though)