'Funny or Die Presents' is back! And if for some reason you missed the premiere Friday night or are not willing to pay for HBO, we thought we'd do you a solid and compile some of the best moments from the show...in free, picture form. If you feel like seeing these move and on your television screen while the actors make noise with their mouths, the show's on every Friday at midnight on HBO.

Ben Schwartz's First Terrible Decision of the Season

Ben Schwartz's recurring sketch "Terrible Decisions" is back. And lucky you, you can watch this sketch in its entirety right here.

Juggalo News

The number one news source for fans of Insane Clown Posse. Take notes, ninjas. Getting fucked up the ass with a chainsaw may be the least of your problems.

Want to See a Dead Body?

Deepak Chopra and Rob Huebel hunt for a dead body. No big deal.

Ben Schwartz Again. No Context Necessary.

Just rest assured this decision would be deemed "terrible."