You so crazy...

Yes, we know this is a well-worn topic. But c'mon, Tracy Morgan just gift-wrapped two new gems, and it'd be a shame NOT to compile these. 

6. Acting Drunk on What Appears to be an Actual Television Show

Yes, he's hammered. Yes, he's announcing an obviously pre-meditated plan to impregnate as many women as possible. And yes, his shirt proves to a burden. So why isn't this higher on the list? Because it's pretty much a primer in Tracy Morgan live TV moments. Covers all our bases. So let's learn from this one and continue on our way. 

5. Performing Scarborough Fair

To be fair, unlike the others, this is a scripted routine. BUT like with all Tracy Morgan moments, I like to think that he was unaware there were even cameras. Like the director pointed to a camera and was all "This is Charlie" and Tracy was like "What's up, Chuck" and then continued to be Tracy Morgan. 


4. Welcoming the Golden Globes Audience to Post-Racial America

Alright. So I cannot find a clip of this. Probably because it's too real for any one to handle. Had there been a clip, this would no doubt be #1 on the list. But until that day comes, please enjoy the words of Tracy Morgan, the voice of our generation:
Tina Fey and I had an agreement that if Barack Obama won, I would speak for the show from now on… Welcome to post-racial America. I’m the face of post-racial America. Deal with it, Cate Blanchett!
Blanchett, you've been warned.

3. Palin's Good Masturbation Material

No argument here. If anything, this is the most sense Tracy Morgan has ever made.

2. Pregnant on a Morning Show

At this point, it'd be weird if Tracy didn't act like he was pregnant while sprawling on the anchor's desk. He really sets the bar high for any time he's on television.

Haha, yes, random female anchor. We'll all obviously will be talking about you after viewing this clip. You are the star. 

1. Calling Palin a MILF

Okay, this seems like an odd choice for the #1 slot. (Though when it comes down to it, we're all winners here. So let's not be too upset.) But here's the reasoning: What separates this from the rest is the calm before the storm. Everything is going very cordially, the interviewer seems pleasant, and so does Tracy. If anything, she's thrilled that a Tracy Morgan interview has gone so well. ("Well that went splendidly. What a perfectly sane man." -- Her last words.) And unlike the TNT gem, he didn't even need former NBA legends to lob in a masturbating meatball. In actuality, this is Morgan at his finest. A free thinker, that man.