Office pranks - we’ve all been involved with them at some point in our lives. Words, arguments and even full blown fights have been known to be had over the simplest office hijinks; while co-workers simply watch, bemused, at the riveting action that wholly distracts them from their daily lives of inputting facts and figures about light-bulbs or bookmarks into an old dusty Macintosh. The question is…were you the one pulling the prank, or were you the one the prank was getting pulled on? And even more importantly, did it all go to plan? Sometimes the sweetest comedy nectar is created by the actual prank going completely, well, tits up. Here is the definitive list of the top eight office pranks gone wrong.

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May 20, 2012

Office Acrobatics


In this clip we see an employee trying to record a corporate message on camera - however a co-worker in the next cubicle tries to surprise her by tapping her on the head, but in doing so loses balance and bails out with style. The lady in question definitely provides him with a comfy landing though, lucky for him!

The Office ‘Ass’


We’ve all thought about abusing the photocopier one in one way or another, but a certain chap in the US goes through with it. This cheeky rapscallion of an office employee decides his ass needs a replicating a few dozen times and hops onto the whirring photocopying machine just to realise that the glass ain’t fat-bastard proof – resulting in breaking the glass, falling through the machine. Imagine trying to explain this to the Boss!

When Nerds Prank


This has got to be one of the worst pranks ever. Our mischievous prank dealer Jon goes over to Derek to get the best of him with an air-horn. There is one thing though, the air horn emits one of the most effeminate ‘toot toots’ there has ever been – resulting in Derek nonchalantly spinning his chair around to face his so called ‘pranker’ with an absolute air of casualness. What a stupid pranker.

The Pranker Becomes the Prankee


In this clip, the prank-dealer finally becomes the pranked with a little switch around! A member of staff hides in the wall, ready to pounce upon the employee being interviewed…however as he pops the grate off the wall the interviewee pulls a gun out and goes ballistic, scaring the b’jesus out of the prankster. Too right! High fives all round for the every-man who’s suffered a prank or two!

Woman gets the Fright of her life


Some bored British workers decided to give a female co-worker a run for her money and go all out with scaring her by jumping out from inside a cardboard box. The female co-worker could not be more surprised as she shrieks like a 4 year old girl, stumbling back hitting her head probably being concussed in the process…but all’s fair in prank and war!

Box Prankin’


As kids we always played in cardboard boxes, however getting out of them was always where the problem truly lay. In this prank, the lad succeeds with scaring his victim – to look just as stupid falling out of the box onto the concrete floor. This prank has gone well and truly wrong.

Prank Really Goes Wrong


Is there a guy in your office who is the butt of everyone’s jokes and gets wound up on a daily basis? It is guaranteed that there is a nerve in his temple that will begin to pulsate harder with every fax that he makes, and his fists will clench tighter with every prank or comment that’s thrown out his way. Ever wonder what would happen if he ever reached boiling point? Well, this video will perhaps give you real incentive not to glue your co-workers phone down in future in risk of your head being beat into the ground.

All in all, you can’t help but chuckle at this wily lot of pranksters as they fail each hijinks. But it leaves you to think ‘Am I going to be pranked next?’… But how to resolve this dilemma? Get your prank in first!

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