They spooked us when they appeared in these classics, but as time's gone by, we've lost track of our favorite child stars. Here's what the kids from our Halloween faves look like today.

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Thora Birch, 'Hocus Pocus': THEN


Thora Birch: NOW


Devon Sawa, 'Casper the Friendly Ghost': THEN


Devon Sawa: NOW


Haley Joel Osment, 'The Sixth Sense': THEN

Haley Joel Osment: NOW

Daveigh Chase, 'The Ring': THEN

Daveigh Chase: NOW

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen, 'Double Double Toil And Trouble': THEN

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen: NOW

Harvey Stephens, 'The Omen': THEN

Harvey Stephens: NOW

Jonathan Lipnicki, 'The Little Vampire': THEN

Jonathan Lipnicki: NOW

Christina Ricci, 'The Addams Family': THEN

Christina Ricci: NOW

Toshio Saeki, 'The Grudge': THEN

Toshio Saeki: NOW