new movie/show/webshow ideas. You know what ever you can turn this crap into is fine by me. and somthing that is not about t.v (AKA the old 2 for one son!)
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:


Dude where is my car at again : zoltan Returns 3D ( Dude where is my car part 2 and this time we really get to see all the hardcore partying and the nutty crap that happens for the night before and so what not. ) 

Thunder in Paradise : One Last Time ( Randolph Spencer ( Hulk Hogan ) and Martin Brubaker ( Chris Lemmon ) were ex-Navy SEALS-turned-mercenaries who hired themselves out as soldiers of fortune for a very high fee. An this time around Randolph Spencer and Martin Brubaker must stop save the people being held hostage by isis. An now the first time since 1998 Randolph Spencer and Martin Brubaker are secretly hired by Mitt Romney to team up to save the american hostages from sure death and keep it on the down low brothers. ) 

Stocker and Hoop Adult swim Thursday Night Movie. 

Knight Rider : The Movie 3D ( Based off the 2008-2009 Knight Rider T.V. show. ) 


N.W.A. Pro Wrestling back on T.N.T. and T.B.S. in the old W.C.W. time slots. 

Dilbert the animated T.V. series makes a come back on T.B.S. 

The Adventures of Pluto Nash ( the t.v. series. In the future, a man struggles to keep his lunar nightclub out of the hands of the mafia. "Pluto Nash" is an action comedy set on the moon in the year 2087. ) 

Barb Wire and Ghost ( A rated T.V. MA as it gets show based off the Barb Wire and Ghost crossover comic books. So it's like two shows in one you dig ;-) 

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective  ( The t.v. series that is a prequel to the 1994 and 1995 Ace Ventura Movies. This so take place in the early 1990's down in Miami Florida. ) 

G.F.W. pro wrestling on C.M.T. 

The Boss ( After getting a green card in the USA , Mexican born and raised Pedro Marte , stakes a claim on the drug trade in LA. Viciously murdering anyone who stands in his way. An this is the story of how he becomes the biggest and baddest drug lord in all the land.  ) 

The Lost Boys ( the t.v. series ) 

Shadow Warriors ( The T.V. series based off the old Shadow Warriors Hulk Hogan movies from back in 1997 and 1999. Reboot , Remake into a t.v show.  )