new movie/show/webshow ideas. You know what ever you can turn this crap into is fine by me. and somthing that is not about t.v (AKA the old 2 for one son!)
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Additional Credits:

Hey i know your using my other ideas big wigs.

XXX Factor (where we find the next big porn star. only on the playboy channel.)

Sisters of Pain ( Where two young ladies from Portland Oregon area Jamie and Jennie Hornsby  that are twins sister have just drop out of high school where they where failing out of anyways. Since they both have just turned 18 they want out of school and out of town and fast. So they have joined nunnery on the Canda/US border (yeah have fun sneaking around there ladies.) in order to get away there abusive father (there mother is dead.) and to get the hell out of there dead end town they have lived in there whole life for good. As a last resort in the master plan to run away to Vancouver Canada to become a famous indie rock band together. But will they be caught by there Dad and can they get out of the nunnery before they end up nuns with out ever living life and if they get there can they make it in the big city. Find out only on who ever picks that damn thing up. So check your local listings) 

Last one left. ( am man of 27 years young by the name of Jacob Paul is living with his parents with no job and no car only seeing the everyone left in town around his age that is not on very hard drugs and as for the rest around his age well they are died. But as a high school drop his worked every dead in job town already and it just doesn't seem to take him anywhere. An his parents can not stand him what so ever anymore and there kicking him if he doesn't pay his parents there rent they want from him . So things are sucking very hard for this man. Until one day he meets a young lady of 21 years old named Meg Lynn who has a life that is much like the life of Jacob's life. As they start to fall in love they will do what ever it takes to make things work out so they can live in love for the rest of there days but yet society has a diffrent plan for them and thats a life of a living hell. Does love really conquer all. Or will they just end up dead after an OD like so meany other have before them.  

Hippster Chicks (Finding out what hippster chicks are all about can be much more odd and hard than any single man could ever imagine up here in Brooklyn NY. So tune into the show to see some wacky hippster sh*t going on in the dating world of today. Starting when Hell freezes over.)

Beer Money ( takes a look into the lives of 5 bartenders one is the Boss Vinny Long (40) who ownes the bar Long Shots a dive bar out in the cut. As for the other 4 one is named Genny Long (35) sister of vinny who thinks she runs the place and is a real bitch that is single with 2 kids. Next up is Tiffany Twitty or as they call here Little TT or Tea a youngin of only 21 has just got out of school at Kansas State College and she is a real wild cat and a half baby!. Next up is Jimmy Easton now 32 years old who is a drunkin f*ck up himself born a rasised that way mind you. An the only reason he has a job at Long Shots out here in Greensburgh Kansas is because his f*cking Genny these days behind his wife's back but old Genny and the gang don't know that yet. An last but not least is Dizzy izzy Freeman 28 who is a stand up comedian that is going no where fast who is in love with TT but she doesn't give a sh*t. with lot of Reckneck fights, country music and real life tips on how to make them mixed drinks you love so much the right way. GEAR UP BECAUSE iT'S GOiNG TO BE DRAMA! )


Good thing am high.

just a few things that piss me off.

The goverment and i think we all know way on that one.

Sexy women because they don't ever and will never have sex with me.

Ugly chicks that most people would do because the only ones that will bang are on drugs.

People on drugs once agian we all know why on this one.

Fat chicks because there to fugly to bang out and it hurts when there on top.

Jihad for i say f*ck the holy wars and lets all get over it an realize everything transends because where all in this together forever my friends.

The people that use my ideas with out letting me know about. Hey if your not going to pay me then fine! but at least f*cking tell me your going to use it i mean come on people.

Family but am not going to get into that here.

Most Pop music and it doesn't matter what style of music it's in if it's pop turn it off. ("But a if you play pop music just do your thang and bank it big time player because i know my ass would.")

The war on drugs. Way beacause it does not work flat out.

That smoking weed is a crime i mean really come on really people. i think a whole lot of people out there need to f in grow the hell up already god da*n it!

Other than all this sh*t i guess i can deal with life for the most part or what ever f*ck it am done.



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