Made at the height of Eddie Murphy's powers, "Coming to America" is not only hilarious, it's highly educational.

1. Zamundian Princes Have Royal Wipers

2. Royal Penises Get Dirty and Are Washed by Gorgeous Women

3. If Asked, All Zamundian Women Will Actually Bark

4. Intellect and Loins Require Equal Amounts of Arousal

5. Royal Oats Must be Sowed in Order to be an Accomplished King

6. Wives Can be Found by Spinning a Globe

7. It's Perfectly Legal to Take on a Major Corporation by Opening a Competing Franchise with Nearly the Exact Same Logo, Name, and Products

8. That You've Got to Let Your Soul Glo

9. Female Arsenio Hall Will Tear You Up

10. Dropping the Microphone After a Terrible Rendition of a Whitney Houston Song DOES Make a Difference

11. Rocky Marciano Whoop'd Joe Louis' Ass

12. BUT Joe Louis was 75 When They Fought

13. White Men Love Bringing Up Rocky Marciano

14. The Best Time to Re-apply Your Soul-Glo is in Your Car While Passing a Soul-Glo Billboard and Listening to the Soul-Glo Jingle on the Radio

15. Always Trust Arsenio Hall to Fix Up Your Apartment

16. After a Break-Up, The First Step is Getting out of Your Wet Clothes

17. Working the Fry Detail is a MAJOR Promotion

18. Being a Goat Herder Attracts the Right Women

19. Seriously, You've Got to Let Your Soul Glo