Ever fancied tucking into a packet of crisps while working out on a treadmill? Of course you havn’t unless you are the "Happy Cabbie".

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September 23, 2011

1. Ice Scream if you wanna go faster

Ice cream + terrifying rollercoaster = mess, mess, mess. The Cadbury Flake 99 Challenge had grown adults screaming like babies as they smudged the cold dessert all over their faces – check out the dude who managed to hang on to his flake.

2. Loop the Loop

Who ever thought it would be a good idea to allow a bunch of boy scouts to eat their packed lunch on board a theme park ride? Well, Jim’ll Fix It of course. These kids must have been picking bits of sandwiches out of their nose for weeks!

3. Milking it

This Taiwanese man’s sound effects are as funny as the stunt he is trying to pull off – just check out his fear as he is suspended in mid air before the big drop. “Whaaaa” means the same in all languages, right?

4. Pickle Pressure

The only thing this guy can think about is getting rid of the pickle from his McDonalds burger. Let’s hope the people down below knew what was about to potentially hit them in the face.

5. Scooter Hooter

This man gives a whole new meaning to food on the go as he attempts to gobble down noodles while riding a scooter. He might have forgotten his helmet, but to leave his chopsticks at home would have been a big no, no, no.

6. Slippery slope

"I’m not good with eating bananas" the guy says – so don’t attempt to eat as many as possible while running on a treadmill. Go look for the nearest pie eating competition instead.

7. Bananorama

Bananas seem to be the food of choice for epic eating stunts. Check out these adrenalin junkies as they try and eat, this exotic fruit during a skydive. The peeling part is pretty good but the eating bit? Not so much. Skip to around 2 minutes 30 for the best bit.

8. Treadmill Terror

There are some things on the internet you really need to see and others you really do not (but kinda want to at the same time). Eating crisps on a treadmill Happy Cabbie? Epic fail!

9. Take out

Where do you eat your curry? How about thousands of feet above the air suspended to a parachute? It’s not quite clear how much food actually made it into these guys’ bellies but the effort is admirable and certainly entertaining.

10. Feast Paint

Ok, so this little chap isn’t going anywhere fast with this food but surely he wanted to run away when this hilarious clip aired on TV and the internet?

So there you have it, ten of the best fast food fails around. Whatever next?

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