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How to really makes some good drink that the ladies the well love to be drink on. (Just be safe about for the love of god beacause i don't have money to bail you out of jail or the money to have your funeral.)
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Don't going pissing your now you hear. This is my way of making popular drinks.

The Long island ice Tea (Get a Big ASS CUP then 2 shots Wiskey, 2 shot tequila, 2 shots rum, 2 shots vodka and then feel up the rest up of the cup with ice Tea mix a little bit of suger in it and BOOM you drink 2 of these bad boys and your ass is going to be black out with sh*t in your pants. (turst me been there a few times ok people. An it's not COOL YO! so go easy )

irash car bome ( Big Cup then poor a few shots of Jameson (or what ever Wiskey) in it then poor how ever much Baileys irish Cream your feeling (or any that is like Irish cream in it) Then poor a bottel of Guinness over top of it. Feel free to light that shit on fire if you feel it.)

Fyling Captain (Just mix red bull or what ever energy you want wih Captain Morgan or any spiced rum you like. An get ready for a wide awake drunk.)

Boilermakes  (easy just put how ever meany shots of what ever you want into your beer of any kind and there you go. But i myself like to put 2 shots of wiskey into a mug of i.C Light so it goes down easy. but what ever your feeling.)

Fruit Fish  ( Or what ever it's really called. Mix any fruits and barry's  you like (the more the typs the better.) with dark rum and put it into a fish bowl and there go getting drunk agian.)

Vodka8 (Mix your black diamond vodka (or what ever kind) up with your original V8 shack bottle  it and then drink up. i also like to put ice cubes in mine.)

All the colors of the rainbow ( Mix a shout beer, a loger beer, a domesticated beer that are each made from diffrents things. Such a one will be a hops and barly kind, the other a wheat beer and the other a hemp beer is what i use but what ever you feel like a long as the 3 beers are total diffrent in everyway.)

Butt Bomb ( But what ever kinds of shots into a bum crack then lay under them as they fart the shot into the shot takers mouth an boom the Butt Bomb goes off.) 

The more you mix the sicker you get. So don't drink all the deffrent kinds at once ok.

Margarita's gone Banana (Put ice into a blinder dump margarita mix on it then poor a bottle or 2 of tequila in it and top it of with a Banana mix it up and then drink it up.)

The Moon Walker ( dump some tang mix into big ass cup then your 3 to 5 shots of what ever you like (i use Vodka myself.) and then add a little H20 before the mix and then your off to the moon.)

The Hot Shot  (drop a hot War Head or 1 to 3 pieces of candy into your double shot of wiskey or rum of any type (either kind works just don't mix the rum and wiskey together with it.) (An yes you can use how ever meany pieces of hot war heads you like.) an then let the war heads melt down before you take it to the dome. This is also works good the sour war heads and vodka. aka  A Sour Kiss.)

Chicken Little (it doesn't matter what you are drinking on as long as you put some hot sauce in it you got your self a little chicken Little action going for you.)

The squirts (squirt pop mixed with tequila and rum.)

The Jelly Doughnut (So when as person gives head then holds the cum bust into her, his or it's mouth then they will say punch me in the face with the load in there mouth you hand them a shot of what ever they want then punch that person in the face as this person takes the shot.) "So in my case i eat her out then i hold her squirt in my mouth i put shot into my hand and tell her punch me the face you bitch! As i do my double shot an boom it's the The Jelly Doughnut drink."

"Well i do know how to make a hell of a lot more drinks but you most like already know how to make them ones and am kind of drunk right now and my hands hurt from typing this sh*t + i still need to use my hands for later tonight if you know what am sayin. So hit me up on the web cam."


Jake The Snake