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AN there out for Tiger Blood! (My Top 25)
Published March 07, 2011 More Info »

cougars I would so Love to BANG!

1.Sara Palin (Just so I could say I fucked Sara Palin in the ass so hard bros!)

2. Joan Rivers( BUCKIT LiST YO!)

3.Kim Cattrall  ( A you know what good old Jack Burton would say in a time like this. And thats O what the HELL! )

4. Helen Mirren (Look her acting is so grate so i would bet she could even make me feel like i was grate in the sac with them skills of hers.)

5. Kate Walsh (not only does she play one on tv)

6. Lauren Graham (A she mybe 44 but them tits say 18 in my mind players.)

7. Demi Moore( O yes just give me some moore of that wild ass cougar ass anytime.)

8. Sheryl Crow (She could teach me a thing or 2;-)

9. Holly Robinson Peete( Yo id gots somthing Hangin we can talk about on a long ride to bust a load city so cum on down Holly because i like to get freaky!.)

10.Faith Hill( i have Faith them Hills of hers are real baby!)


11.Kristin Davis( So yes i have seen her in that sex tape working that dude over and by God daddy like an i so want me some of dat phat ass!) 


12.Jane Seyour(59 and looks that slamin. that little kitty must have tigers blood in her DNA. So lets get wierd my dear. )

13. Mary Couise Parker (So yeah like we could park and spark up some weeds before a little somthing somthing would be just fine by me.)

14. Lisa Kudrow (So she seem real up tight b*tch so am thinkin her Kuder is that way also  ;-)

15.Cindy Crawford (Look i don't know why but there is just somthing about that mole on her face that turns me on big time.)

16.Madonna ( Yep i want to feel them guns she is rockin in action because am going to work that her over so bad bros it's nuts!)

17. Christie Brinkley (Because she might be 57 but i  just know she could make me feel like am in Heaven.)

18.Kaite Couric(she is just so damn spunky it makes me hard.)

19.Courteney Cox (So yeah with a sexy stage name like that she has got to love the Cox am baby am ready Miss. Cougar.)

20. Ovlivia Newton -John( i want to here her hit them nots in the key of xxx)

21. Nicole Kidman ( Well not only is she fine as all hell but this sexy lady right he you all is a total sweethart and half that i would so make made love with my pets. An one HELL of an Actress \ Singer as well my friends.) 

22. Sara Silverman ( This lady right here you all is a true 10 an then some by far. She is smart, sexy and funny so you can't go wrong with this slaming ass hot 42 year old.)

23. Kim Basinger  ( Even to this very day Kim Basinger is my #1 dream woman even if she is a total c*nt. PS Put her in that ninfomaniacs move that Nicole Kidman quit because she didn't want to have sex for real in it. Am hard just thinking about her in that new flick.)

24. Sandra Bullock ( Because this super fine ass lady need some good dick in her life for once and on the steady an guess what you all am just the man to do it. An Sandra i will never leave you or cheat on you like some raceist no good retarded did. Just turst me babe. Am good for the soul. )

25. Dina Keaton ( For her age of 67 years young she is so so so f in fine as all mother f*cking hell and then some my friends! Yeah just a summer fling thing would be kool.) 

Keep em Cumin ladies }];-{O= beacuse daddy likes.