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A list of stupid sh*t that i do.
Published February 05, 2011 More Info ยป
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Published February 05, 2011

Keep on the low down

Yep i do coke when it's free and only when it's free.

So i drive with out a drivers iD.

A i rock out to girly music when am all by myself and i also watch chick flicks when am alone some times.

So what i jack off to Kristen Dunst at least twice a day every day.

Am a drunk.

Yo i record improved metal and punks songs for my sh*tty half a*s band called the Toylets. An i post the tracks up on the Toylets Myspace page and also i have 4 Myspace pages with all different styles and kinds of songs up on them pages with song i make up.

Yep i still make mix tapes and i use them boo. An i also still watch VHS and i even record shows with VHS tapes and on top of that i also rock out the records as well. #OLDSKOOL O yeah by the way i also still by CDs and DVDs.

other stupid stuff.

Smoke weed every day ! Smoking and Drinking it's what i do !

Yeah you got me i where sweatpants in public all the time.

O yeah i take sh*ts in public bathrooms when need be but i don't care whatever i do what i want i because it's my life.

Well i do pirate pro wrestling stuff for my Youtube Channel. So yeah am a big pro wrestling fan because it's real to me.

You got me i watch women's tennis when am home alone. Hell i even watch women's basketball when am by myself some times.

Yep i sing show tunes in when i take my bubble baths in the tub.

Am a "grown man" an i watch cartoons all the time !

A i enjoy playing out video games from the 1980's and 1990's for fun.

Prank call i do them. An i also talk to the telemarketers if it's a chicks.

Yo i rock the vote but i always vote 3rd party every time because am independent.

Some times for fun i go to all black people night clubs and some times i go to gay bars just to get outside the honky box a little.


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