A look at some of the world's funniest and most extravagant rock and roll incidents.

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July 30, 2012

The Biggest Tours in History

Biggest Tours in History

Check out how big some of these tours were -  some were HUGE! This infographic highlights some of the biggest tours in history and also some of the biggest and most experienced party animals the world has ever seen.

The Best Stage Dive Ever?

There isn't anything much more rock and roll than a stage dive. The pure elation of jumping on stage and promptly jumping off into the arms of an adoring crowd is hard to match. That is of course unless everyone moves out of the way and fails to catch you!


Mega Circle Mosh Pit

We thought that this massive circle pit during a set at Rock am Ring in Germany was pretty  impressive. However, what really makes this clip special is the man in the chicken suit. If you've never seen a big chicken in a mosh pit - you have now!

A big thanks to DV247 for their help with the infographic and this list!