Some funny questions from the theory driving test.

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June 11, 2012

1. How do you correctly park an suv?

A) Between two white lines in a official parking space.

B) Close to one white line in a official space making it awkward for other drivers.

C) Across three spaces.

D) In a handicapped space claiming being “Drunk” a disability.

2. When attempting to pick up a prostitute you should always....

A) Pull up alongside the prostitute and turn off the engine before starting negotiations.

B) Turn on the radio to get her in the mood.

C) Not stop at all and attempt a “Dukes of hazzard” style pick up.

D) Decide against it for the sake of your political career.

3. You arrive at a accident, a motorcyclist lies injured in the middle of the road you should...

A) Drive on as it does not concern you.

B) Stop and go through his pockets in search of valuables.

C) Put him out of his misery.

D) Attempt to start twitter trending topic using the hashtag #Watchingamandierightnow.

4. You are stuck in traffic what should you do?

A) Turn off the engine to save fuel.

B) Rev your engine to show dominance over other road users.

C) Take a Nap.

D) Repeatedly flash your nipples at the road user beside you until the authorities are called.

5. When driving on rural roads you should always be aware of...

A) Farm vehicles such as tractors.

B) Wild animals.

C) The national speed limit.

D) The rampant in breeding.