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Vladimir Putin

platon_putin1.jpegObviously I am liking this costume. It shows leadership, confidence, and a willingness to lead the greatest nation in the world. Anyone who wears this will be the hit of the nation that is Russia.

Sexy Vladimir Putin

putin2.jpegYes, I know what you are thinking. Isn't all Vladimir Putin sexy Vladimir Putin? ELL OH ELL. That was a good joke I just made. Laugh at my joke. Did you laugh yet? You are not laughing. Maybe you'll like the zinger at the end of my harpoon when I fire it into your throat.

Karate Putin

Putin_to_teach_Sarkozy_judo_.jpegWhat you'll need: A killer instinct, a small child, your own personal karate photographer whose salary is funded by taxpayers, blackbelt
Where you can wear it: Nowhere. Impossible to pull off. Nobody has the karate prowess that matches the real Vladimir Putin. You will be deemed a fraud and harpooned on sight.


60425AD1-CD72-4D05-81495946A1257209.jpgIt was only show we got in Russia TV from 1988-1997 and I formed bond with him. Also, Russia's overrun with cats and we need a hero. 

Putin on the Ritz

Screen Shot 2011-10-28 at 11.33.20 AM.pngI have never understood the reference. But people seem to laugh whenever I play this song at my Birthday/Ritz Cracker parties.