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Dirty Things and other things.
Published April 26, 2011 More Info »

So what if?

Man i was just thinking and shit, like what if aha yeah man if we could grow weed on the moon bro! Man i bet that shit would some dank nuggitez as a mother FU*KER DUDE! You know what am saying dogz? Some real funky ass shit and what not that herb would be.  Right big pimpinz? Ok so like what if there really where werewolves of Londan? That would mean like all of them things off that show Ture Blood must be for real as well and shit like that would be for real right big sexy? Yeah that would be as sweet as some big old sweet tittys if that shit ture. I'LL tell you what good there buddy i would like to be a mix of werewolve and a vampire myself. What if you could stick in your own  bum bum and could suck own thing would you do  your self?  So what if you could bang two chicks at the time in a 3 way but they where sisters would you bang them out at the time? (Yes i so would! As long as they don't lick or finger each other or anything like that to each other then am down fo sho baby! ) So like what if you could eat out any in the world you wanted to but when you go down under there in full hair mode would you eat that sh*t out anyways? (Since i have a full beard rocking i don't  see why not sweetness hell i would even do it to them sisters i was talking about.) So like what if you could make your own beer to make a few bucs off of what kind would it be? ( Let me see here i think i would have to make a dark Oatmeal stout made in a brown barrel but as long as it's vegan i'll drink it. until i black out.) So what if your not gay but some dude paid you a million dollar to suck your dick would you it? (Hell it's not gay if his sucking your dick right? So yeah what the hell, because i gotz to get the hell out of my parents house some how god damn it.)  

Things to call a lady an sh*t some say to a loose woman.

SKANKTASTiC  5,000My little fussy HUSSiE That StankEye Bitch WHORE and half shell sluty power! Chef Phat Ass. the suckubitch she-man O sh*t it looks like Aunt Flow is the house. SlutBag whore face cunt. (aka your wife.)FLUZEE long stockings.  "Yeah she is Wide-OPEN if you know what mean my good man."hey Hobobaginz getz me a dang beer now!. She is a Ho, Ho, Ho fo sho! (Marry XXX-Mas) Dat Nastyass PROSTiTUTE PUNK ASS B*TCH!"Now that this is one Foxxie little COUGAR.A stupid CUNT of a Whore. What a Stupid JUNKIE Bitch. STREET WALKER T.X ranger. PSA: A Dog them chicken heads are Hood-Rats so you best  get tested.     A Total LUSH of a slut. She has the WHELLING FEELiNG ;-O (Your going to need a check up.) DiRTY ASS BiTCH"You f*cking dirty A*s mother f*cking nasty STANK ASS HOE i'll kill you b*tch!"LAP DOGzTONS OF FUNu NASSEE ass Ho!THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR aka the dirty little whores you love so much. T.J HOOKER  (use like this. "A T.J Hooker how much for a sucky sucky because am feeling lucky tonight."    My Suger Momma (if your broke get one.) MilLFOLA!"Can i get SWEET THANG on my chicken wing baby?" Hey Ding Lips. Miss. Aneda Cummings.  Yo did you get checked for any typ of Viruses yet there mamma bear? Because daddy like E.  YOUR MOTHER!