Chasing the Dragon

Chasing the Dragon ( So back in the dark ages a dragon slayer and EX English Knight was disowned by his mother land England for sleeping with princess of England and so he was sent to what we now a days know as U.S.A. An here on this new known and unnamed land are hero, that will fight the dark lords of land that goes by the name Jacob Keith ( Taylor Kitsch ) will fight with beat of his heart. ( An let me tell you he might seem like a drunk and high goofball but really his one bad-ass mother tucker baby ! An he the local folks are up against all kinds of darkness. YEAH where talking about Dragons, voodoo of all kinds, demons, brain washed people, sickness & diseases of all kinds, all kinds of viruses, surviving the elements and well the list goes on these cats my friends. An so Jacob Keith will fight the good fight for and with the natives of this land just trying to stay alive in what we the call dark ages. An with his new lover who saved his life when he first got to this new land when he was dying of thirst and hunger and her name is Keco Rayen ( Summer Altice ) the daughter of  The Chief isi Ryen. An Hell she is one bad as warrior in her own right there players for sure mates. An well together they must save the day for all the wickedness of this world each week. An yes old J.K. is drunk and high all the time and that is way we call this show Chasing the Dragon. sci-fi, action, romance, comedy, drama and more are in the mix in this show Rated T.V. MA.  An if we could get Robert Duncan Mcneill in on this as the director that would be cool. ) 

T.N.A. impact needs a channel and since am talking pro wrestling N.W.A. pro wrestling needs a show and so does Global Force Wrestling. 

Spirits ( 4 best friends forever that are young adults. Jimmy Limmy, Joann Wright, Jill West, and James Larosa all live togehter in the same house and guess what they are Ghost hunters \ bar owners of a college bar Called Lime Tree in a haunted town where all 4 where born an raised baby. So in this town called Athens O.H. where bad things are always going down and so they must play Ghostbusters and do what needs done from day to day up this sh*t hole of town. Where the bad jew jew never ends. So think of this show as if Ghostbusters and Haven had a kid together. Jimmy and Joann are together right now and Jill and James are together right now but James has been with Joann and Jimmy has been with Jill and Jill and Joann have been together as well if you know what am saying. An let me tell you about Athens is a University town and is the h to Athens Lunatic Asylum, a mental institution open from 1874 until 1993. An this town is known for it's lobotomy practices. Now a univesity-owned property called The Ridges, the building has it's share of haunted stories. An they say the cemeteries are also haunted and hell even the nature trails and the college campus it self are haunted but what the hell is really going on here who the hell knows. An if you want to know more look into Athens O.H. because the town is really haunted or so it's said. Just cast 4 young hot up incoming people and am sure this show will do good. Trust me people are into this kind of stuff so i say make a full on t.v show about it all. Bad mojo come your way in a fun way. 

Dirty Harry ( A young tough as nails San Francisco Police Inspector Harry Callahan is assigned to track down and ferret out the crazed psychopaths in SF. Turning a classic movie series into a full on T.V. show. You got to ask yourself on question. Do you feel lucky punk, well do you?  Starring ( Scott Eastwood ) as Dirty Harry.  But the Chief of police this time will be a women named Alison Larch ( Alison Eastwood ) now that would be a cool show. )

Hopeless Romantics

Hopeless Romantics ( This is a romantic comedy t.v show about two hopless romantics that must keep their new and fresh love for each other on the down low as secret lovers so they don't lose their new jobs at a bank in LA where they just started working together in this show. An so are lovers are named Mr. Chad Newman ( Jason Priestley  ) and Miss. Angelina Hart ( Claire Forlani ) who are both transfers Miss. Angelina Hart transferred from Pittsburgh ( where she was born a raised at ) and Chad transferred from Seattle ( where he was born a raised at ) and well their both living at the motel for now because their both looking for a new place. An so they meet at the motel before both their first day on the job when getting ice and it's love at first sight and they got it on that night before work ( An yes we see it go down ), An so now they show for their first day at the new band an they find out their working together on the hours and days. An when their not at work their living the romantic lifestyle on the down low. An they even get apartments across from each other once they both get own places out here in LA. An they even make new friends in a sweet newly married couple who are a couple of burn outs Mr. Jacob Marley ( Christian Finnegan ) and Mrs. Amber Marley ( Renee Humrey ) they run & are the owners their very own craft shop near their apartments called The Marley Craft Shop. An yes they use the Bank where Angelina and Chad work at because that's how it bee boo. An then you basic sitcom rom-com hits hard in this show. O and also their boss at the bank is named Mr. Frank Jefferson ( Ted Mcginley ) and his a slick fellow who is also married to Chad and Algelina's land lord  Mrs. Dee Dee Jefferson ( Gigi Rice ) and so the hiding this endless love is going to hard as Hell. An o yeah Chad and Angelina both have been divorced before so add that in the mix of this going on. Rated T.V MA because this shit is super hot and super funny. Because Claire and Jason would be sexy couple if you ask me. An add some cool new romantic songs in this show and it will be a big time hit i can feel in my boner. ) 

Your Mail Order Bride (  Larry Dobbs ( Ant ) a weird O Documentarian he funds Harry Jacobs ( Patrick Renna ) an L.A Mailman's Russian mail-order dream bride named Oksana Vetrov ( Aksana real name Živilė Raudonienė ) in exchange for the right to film the experience. An lucky for Harry old Larry is gay as it gets. Anyways Oksana Vetrov is a Russian fitness model who wants to be a actress. A rated T.V. MA sitcom comedy that is ruthless with the jokes. Balls out !)

The Wild Man ( A dirty and sexy comedy about Dr. Levi Jones ( Christopher Masterson ) the single and good looking sex therapist who has been known to f*ck his patients from time to time because his a real bad boy who lives on the edge honey. A show for the ladies with lots of manliness in the mix. An on top of that Dr. Levi Jones also sales pills on the black market because he burns the candle at both ends and at the rate his going he will die young. Rated T.V. MA) 

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