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4 new T.V. Show ideas or what have you big wigs.
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The Wild Man

The Wild Man ( Cody Pitt is a 30 year old unemployed million air trust fund baby that lives for thrill of it all baby ! You see Cody Pitt ( Christopher Masterson ) was born born and raised right here in Hollywood by his very rich and very famous actor and actress parents his dad Mr. James Pitt ( Ted Mcginley ) & his me Mrs. Patty Pitt ( Giggi Rice ) where he still lives today do whatever the Hell he wants. But the thing is he has no idea what he wants in life or what he wants to become in life. As for his parents they want him to become a full time actor because he is quite the character and then some. ( Don't worry you will see ) But his to too busy running around being wild as it gets with his B.F.F. since kindergarten 30 year old actress Jodie Anthony ( Natasha Melnick ) she is also a trust fund baby who lives with parents that are famous artist ( you know painting an all that kind of crap ) that also live here in Hollywood, Mr. Jacob Anthony ( Bronson Pinchot ) and Mrs. Kelly Anthony ( Lisa Arch ) who have been friends with the Pitt family for over 30 years is the family ties in all this wildness. An so anyways Jodie Anthony keep hanging out with Cody Pitt because she has a big thing for him and she want him in the worst f in way !  But Cody Pitt can't see it because his blind as a bat when it comes to real life stuff. Because like i said his a true hardcore party animal yo ! But Jodie just don't give it up and will be there for him always for and forever you dig players, no matter what dumb ass shit Cody does and will do in life boo. So will Cody and Jodie fall in love and will they ever grow up and become big time in Hollywood ( or whatever they might do in their lives ) and all that kind of stuff is going down in this show if you know what sayin here you all !  So yeah man this is a rated T.V. MA immature comedy sitcom with a real wild streak for Hell is this show called The Wild Man. ) 

other stuff

N.W.A. Ringside ( A all new 2 hour long N.W.A. pro wrestling show on Wednesdays. Look am going to keep bring it up so do it up someone ! Because N.W.A. wrestling needs a world wide show. Hell even N.W.A.World Wide back on T.B.S.on Saturdays would be good. You f*ck it do both ! 2 N.W.A. pro wrestling shows. ) 

Jacob ( The story of Jacob Paul ( Kirk Cameron ) from the Bible but it takes place in the now days. About a lost soul with bad attitude and a sloth like nature with lots of family issues and then some in his life. Who is wrestling with his belief in his Lord and Savior are main man Jesus Christ and it play out like the story of Jacob did in Bible for the most part and their you go a new show about finding yourself in life as an adult male who is one big time lost soul.  ) 

Soulmates (  Miss. Amanda Clay ( Alisan Porter ) is a high school Health Teacher that just got a divorce and has moved back to her home town of Rancho Cucamonga with her daughter 16 years daughter Sarah Moon ( whoever you can get ) and her mom Amanda has got a new job teaching Health class at her mom's old high school and her new high school her at Rancho Cucamonga High School. An then their is Mr. Sam Glass ( Jeremy Miller ) his the gym teacher here at his Rancho Cucamonga High where he went to High School at as a teen with his then High School sweethearts Amanda Clay but yet they went there separate ways after high school an haven't seen each other since until now. An Sam Glass has also just gotten a divorce and has a 16 year old son named Adam Glass ( whoever you can get ), an will the kids Adam and Sarah like each other but the weird thing is Sam and Amanda get back together making things very odd for the new secret high school sweethearts Adam Glass and Sarah Moon in this new awkward new comedy all about the love. Rated. T.V. 14. ) 

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