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top 25 under-rated actors

#25. Pauly Shore ( His no leading man but his a good comic relief ) 
#24. King Kong Bundy  ( He would make for the prefect Kingpin in the Marvel movies. ) 
#23. Christopher Masterson ( An if i do say so myself Chris is the best actor out of the Masterson family ) 
#22. Mark Paul Gosselaar ( T.N.T. should have never cancelled Franklin and Bash , and if ABC was smart they would pick it up ! ) 
#21. Chris Klein ( He could be the next Bradley Cooper if given a shot at some good roles. ) 
#20. Ted McGinley ( Give this man a a serious role for the love of God ! ) 
#19. Darius McCrary ( This guys needs a role on Empire.  ) 
#18. Randy Orton ( Am tell you Hollywood his going to be the next Dave Batista after his done with pro wrestling.  
#17. John Cena ( The next The Rock a Hollywood ;-) 
#16. Rider Strong ( He would make for a good Trent in the new Swingers T.V. series loosely based off the 1996 movie Swingers. " Wannabe actors become regulars in the stylish neo-lounge scene; Trent teaches his friends the unwritten rules of the scene. " ) 
#15. Joseph Lawrene ( Yeah man i could see this guy being a action star or even a villain like say maybe Lex Luthor. ) 
#14. Alan Bagh ( This dude is stuck doing B movies but we all know he can do better if given a shot. ) 
#13. Gino Anthony Pesi ( This dude has bad ass all over him. ) 
#12. Tony Cox (  Since 1980 Tony Cox has been acting. ) 
#11. David Lyons ( That dude is cool. ) 
#10. Louis Martin Braga III ( He would be good fit for a comic book movie or show. ) 
#9. Jeremy Jackson ( This guy is ready for an A list movie spot. ) 
#8. Zachery Ty Bryan ( Yeah i could see this guy playing the part of serial killer Vann Siegert in the new The Minus Man t.v show. ) 
#7. Paul Hewitt ( This guy needs the work and it best be a role that needs the sh*t acted out of it my friends and ASAP ! ) 
#6. Evan Marriot ( Them Super Hero and Super Villain roles are calling his name. ) 
#5. Jack Plotnick ( This guy would be a good fit for a lead on a cop show. An he also makes for a good bad guy. ) 
#4. Ricky Schroder ( This guy should be getting better gigs. ) 
#3. Peter Kwong ( Been acting and doing stunts since 1977 but yet always get stuck with crap. ) 
#2. Alex Winter ( But thank God Bill and Ted 3 is getting made. ) 
#1. Dan Shor ( His an Actor \ Writer \ Director who has never really had a fair shake. ) 

Top 25 under rated Actresses

#25. Kathryn Fiore ( She is dramedy god baby ! ) 
#24. Erin Cardillo ( Good looks with lots of range , so you can't go wrong with Erin Cardillo in my mind.  ) 
#23. Christine Lakin ( Now this chick e is sweet and funny. ) 
#22. Valerie Wildman ( She is a steady as they come a very good worker who needs used in better bigger and better roles ASAP. ) 
#21. Nicole Parker ( Now there is a leading lady for the comedy movie world. ) 
#20.  Vanessa Lachey ( A she can do it all and she looks good doing it , so give her a good role for the love of God ! ) 
#19. Crista Flanagan ( Hot as it gets !  + funny.  Look up her playboy shoots , it will shot your load for sure ! ) 
#18. Tracy Spiridakos ( This chick is going places ) 
#17. Alison MacInnis ( All she needs is a shot a lead actress and trust she will hit a HR. ) 
#16. Amelia Cooke ( Give this woman an A list role because she has it all going on but has never got the chance to show her skills. ) 
#15. Rebecca Massey ( She bring the real life feel to her roles and she needs a second chance these days. ) 
#14. Katherine Bailess (  Now that bitch can f*cking work it  when it comes to acting mates ! ) 
#13. Theresa San-Nicolas ( nice rang nice looking , so it's a can't miss hit with Theresa San-Nicolas no matter what the gig. ) 
#12. Jackie Quinones (  She has the it factor so stop over looking her. ) 
#11. Alana Austin ( Trust me she can hang no matter what the part so start hooking her up with work Hollywood ! ) 
#10. Celestine ( She is way past do for a real good role. ) 
#9.  Mary-Margaret Humes ( The queen of the cougars. ) 
#8. Karle Warren ( Yeah i could she her as a star of t.v. show and a leading lady in Hollywood on down the road. ) 
#7. Meeghan Holaway ( Very under rated and over looked. ) 
#6.  Darla Delgado ( She is so ready for some leads if you ask me. ) 
#5. Caitlin O'Connor ( Don't let her young age and good looks foul you because she is a very skilled actress and writer. ) 
#3. Lola Glaudini ( Her minds eye for things is second to none , meaning she can take anything and make it Gold.
#2.  Leilani Sarelle ( Being missed used since the 80's because her skills say lead in a freaking A list movie son. ) 
#1. Pamela Gaye Walker ( The best actress in the world , you never heard of because she is way over looked. ) 

Bonus : 
#1A. Ellen Muth ( Very smooth acting skilled but yet is forever being looked. ) 
#1B. Julie Belknap ( One of if not the most over look person in game today. )