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things i sould not tell people what so ever. "but your not going to tell anyone right?"
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Fun Facts about little old me.

I like that Katie Perry song Last Friday night.
(because its kind of my sorry life story ;) "An one day i'll kill my self to that song."

I  think Ladie Gagga is a very hot bi sexual.
(and i hope not a transexual)

Am a vegan
(but some how am a fat ass. "its called being Lazy.")

I have all my X Girl friends as friends on facebook.
(don't be like me with that one pepz)

I drop out of high school so i would not have to go into Navy.
(not really I drop out to see a X in TX)

I rock the Zach Galifianakis look and drink stella when hitin on chick at the club.
(Doesn't Work)

I like to sleep with a par of jeans & sweater on.
(so i can get up and go if need be.)

I Half-Ass everything in life.

(But i am a Full on Jackass on an a AssH*le to boot.)

The drunk guy in Zack and Miri make a porno was based of me.
(no Joke. An i missed out on playing the part because i didn't have a ride up to set that morning. F*cking ture story.)

Once on my 21 first b day my friends bout me a BJ.
(that might be my life time low right there you all. Mybe one of them. Mybe?)

Am really into wrestling.
(TNA,WWE,ROH,indy what ever am down for some when ever where ever.)

Am Lookin for a hot cougar chick to take me in.

(Hit Me UP!)

Am White Trash and i know it.

(An thats a fact jack!)

        Am not really all that funny at all.

          (Just Pissed OFF!)                        



Songs that make me cry.

#1. Incubus- "Wish you where here " ( The song makes me think of a dead people so there is that. The Pink Floyd one gets to me as well.)

#3. Harry Chapin- "Cats in the Cradle" (even if am 26 and still see my dad just about every day)

#4.Bruce Hornby and the Range - "The Way it is" (yep the song  2pac re-did.)

#5 REM - Mad World (An now that i know REM is done as a band for good this song make me even more sad.)

#6 The Flaming Lips - Do You Relize (go to youtube and look it up so you can hear it for your self  i dare you.)

#7 Sarah McLachlan - "in The Arm of The Angel"  (Lets just say i have been to one to many funerals in my short lived life.)

There are a lot more songs but i don't want to get into that because i feel a good cry coming on right now so i gotta to go.