An that is what she said, SHE SAID! HIYO!
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Published February 15, 2012

What a dirty little bitch.

Hairy Rectum! Damn near killed Him! and thats what she said! She Said! (RiP Chris Farley)

That A-Rod is so studley girls he could knock you up with the glim in his eye. "They don't call him A-Rod for nothin." 

O Hell no your not trying to merry me in frount of all this damn people. "really dudes! why don't you ask your women to merry you after a good f*ck like a normal guy would do."

 #WeNeedToTalk "laides don't call your men out on twitter anymore for the love of God!"

Hell if we just legalize drugs & prostitution we could tax that sh*t and we will be out of debt in no time. (An thats what the 99% said! The 99%!)

Am sorry it's been a long day babe, so it's going to be hard if i cum at all sweetcheeks. (because you see she was already banged out early today by someone that you know  <;-D but you didn't hear that from me.)

T hee my cl*t is more hung than you are, but you do have the bigger tits. (i have heard that one more than once in my life and by more than just one person as a matter of a sad fact.)

Stick it in me hard because i need a rim job to fix me up big boy. (A crack head told me that once. Ture story.)

O you done f*cked with the wrong b*tch now mother f*ckerz! (A meany of police reports have this in it as what she said right before the sh*t hit the fan and this will not be the last time.)

am wide open

Make me creem even if am on my .

its looking like its going to be long an hard day all day long sweetness. "O its going to be a ruff one alright ;-)" UP TOP!

Watch out when you go down under because i have a bit of the spuirties. SHE SAiD! SHE SAiD!

i'LL let you Lick it where it splits for hardy a tip ;-D (A classic stipper line they use to get your ass into the ViP room.)

When you cum inside really slam that back door hard as all hell baby. (An thats what she said! because it's the only way to close it ;-)  you know what am sayin!

Beat that meat good babe because i want me some of dat. SHE SAiD!

F*ck me runing on a school night this sh*t is just about over thank you God! (BUSTED!)

Thank you for cumin over an over agian thank you so much for cuming you all! & thats what SHE SAiD! SHE SAiD!


"Thank  you all for the time now go have fun popping dat pussy 24/7 playerz."