If you rock out with your cock out, don't expect to drop trou and plow, but, if she's gonna dine out with her gine out then whip out your pound and go to town. Then, if possible, administer The Shocker and lock it in.

The Shocker

What’s The Shocker you ask? Two in the pink, one in the stink, two in the goo, one in the poo, two in the choco, one in the taco, two in the pank, one in the stank, two in the slit, one in the shit, or for you baseball fans, two in the Albert, one in the Pujols…that’s the shocker.

Or Any Number of Other Sexual Moves Can Be Performed....

Such as:

Traditional ones like:

A Dirty Sanchez

A Cleveland Steamer

Or more absurd ones like:

The Giggling Honeybear

The Rotisserie Blumpkin

The Dancing Beltran

The Arabian Sunglasses

A Reddish Mung-Faced Hurricane Surprise

The Upside Down Glockenshpeel

The Henderson Hand Jive

The Salty Handbone With a Full Release

The Grundle-Juiced Squeezebox

The Appalachian Angry Fist

The Butterface Chili Dog

The Corn Raddish Fever Pitch

and of course the Golden Shower Cheddar Rain-Bath Clam Bake...among others.