Hey, internet. I heard you like pizza, so here's a bunch of pizza GIFs. I hope you're fucking happy.

Look out! Here comes a bunch of pizza GIFs!

And you're just going to eat 'em all up.

Because you just love pizza, don't you?

You'd probably date pizza if you could.

God, you're so predictable, internet.

Here's another one, just because I'm sure it's what you want.

Oh shit! I didn't even think about Star Wars. God, you're probably freaking out right now.

Want more? You got it, dude! Cut it out! Have mercy!

I really don't get this worshipping of pizza, but whatever, as long as you're not hurting anyone.

I thought we said we weren't going to hurt anyone.

This one doesn't even have pizza in it, but I can tell you don't care.

Here's a pizza GIF that doesn't move. You still love it, don't you? Ugh, you sicken me.

This is probably your favorite one, isn't it? Isn't it?


What's the matter? Is this getting too heated?

"Hey, Vern, it's me, Pizza." See, now that wasn't even clever.

Whatever. Here's one from a popular movie. Eat it up, internet.

Don't try this one at home! JK/LOL. Do whatever you want. What do I care?

You just want MOAR PIZZA!

And as long as I keep feeding it to you, you'll play nice. That's fine, I'm happy to play along.


Wow, you've stuck through this awhile. Maybe you're not as easily distracted as I thought you were.

Honestly, some of these are pretty fun.

I think I'm starting to come around to the Dark Side.

One question: Where can I keep all these great pizza GIFs?