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February 12, 2013


Most common phrases found in OkCupid profiles:

  1. Fun-loving
  2. Laid back
  3. Down-to-earth
  4. Sarcastic
  5. All music, except country
  6. Mexican food
  7. Vegan Mexican food
  8. Homeland
  9. I like going out, but also Netflix
  10. Sense of humor is a plus
  11. Spiritual, but not religious
  12. Job: Rather not say
  13. Income: Rather not say
  14. Has cats
  15. Online now!


The most attractive qualities on OkCupid:

  1. A great picture
  2. A second great picture
  3. A third great picture
  4. A fourth even better picture
  5. A fifth picture that's not as good as the last one, but still pretty great
  6. Oh boy, here comes that sixth picture
  7. A picture that's at kind of a weird angle, but they can't all be winners
  8. Here we go, back to the hot ones
  9. Another just okay one, because who am I to be this demanding, some kind of monster?!
  10. Common interests


Least attractive qualities on OkCupid:

  1. Anything that comes after, "Don't message me if…"
  2. Not mentioning Homeland
  3. Jewish, and very serious about it.


Most common phrases from first messages sent via OkCupid:

  1. Sup!
  2. Hey!
  3. I enjoyed reading your profile
  4. I also love Homeland
  5. happy hour
  6. There's a great bar near me, but I guess I could meet you wherever
  7. Do you think Brody has been playing Carrie this whole time, or is Carrie smarter than she lets on?


Most common phrases from breakup messages:



Who are the people using OkCupid?

  1. Fans of Homeland
  2. People who ride their bike
  3. Free spirits!
  4. People who have a hard time dating because even though your'e constantly surrounded by people, you can feel entirely alone and isolated, to the point where you pick a fight with someone who won't scoot over on the train just because you haven't spoken to anyone all day, and any kind of human contat, even the negative kind, feels like a small victory.
  5. Jews sick of JDate


Why people use OkCupid:

  1. To meet new people
  2. To fuck


People who've tried OkCupid have also tried:

  2. Eharmony
  3. JDate
  4. Homeland message boards
  5. Instagram
  6. Foursquare
  7. Vine
  8. Video chat
  9. Audio chat
  10. Feeling chat
  11. Xanga
  12. Altavista
  14. Google Wave
  15. Google Buzz
  16. Google Docs
  17. Google
  18. Power Point
  19. Oregon Trail
  20. Talking to people at bars
  21. Blind dates
  22. Dates with blind people
  23. Being set up by grandparents
  24. Being set up with grandparents
  25. Being set up with grandkids
  26. Inception


The ways people describe GOOD OkCupid dates:

  1. They seemed pretty normal.


The ways people describe BAD OkCupid dates:

  1. They were crazy.