you know it!
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Published April 08, 2011

Deep me in shit !

Your going to need a long wood to put it in this hole.

Call your momma and pack your bags because you are out of hear!

O No! with the way this team is playing they should just wipe there ass's with the money where paying them.

He shots a load off  for the goal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Take me to Church because that was FUC*ING a Maricel!

 O! sweet tits! There is a GOD!

My lord his been spanking them balls hard all night long.

with the big hard Stiff!

There hanging around like dingleberrys on a hot summer day. 

Kick your wife your the curb because that has to be cheating.

This game is tighter than a first timers ass in prison.

its up! An could not be any harder or longer.

i just came and shit my pants at the same time on that grate check!

off goes the gloves and its on like donkey kong jr. with these num nuts.

its loaded an so am i.

it looks like am not the only one who will be crying them self to sleep tonight because this one is over! 


Lick my crack there is no way!


put that call in the x-files! because no one knows what the hell that was.

Get a doge Bag! because am geting constipated with these leftover runners.

O big DaDDy me like E ruff!

i have got to be high!

Buy that Lady a Drunk on me because where going dancing!

his having a hard time staying in the box after he seen a few balls cum by his face!

do you smell fish because where his to the Box after that one. 
O with the sack! this pussy as been geting pounded all game.

He hit that so hard my balls hurt!

this coach has more tips than a Bill Gates at a strip club

tell you wife your not coming home because we got game

O! that was shutdown faster than me trying to bang a chick at the bar right there cowboy.
That pitch was so nasty we should re-name it Paris Hillton.
Stick it in my but folks because we are F*CKED!
i feel like i was just date raped after seeing that hard hit.
O No! He just put his dick in the dirt on that check.
F*CK me sidways on the Highway i can not belive it! The Cubs win! The Cubs win!





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