The Mayans tried warning us of a 2012 Apocalypse...Have We Ignored The Signs?????

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The Top 10 Signs of a Political Apocalypse

                   The Top 10 Signs of a Political Apocalypse

10.Congress & Senate pass a bill requiring all new US citizens to have Jersey Shore nicknames like "The Immigration" and "J-Wow, I can't believe I'm legal"

9.Newt Gingrich supports NASA's decision that all future shuttle launch countdowns will be done by Dick Clark.

8.Anderson Copper admits that he's gay but not as gay as his twin brother, Rachel Maddow.

7.Bill O'Reilly admits that "The O'Reilly Factor" is about as fair and balanced as Rubben Studdard on a teeter totter.

6.Herman Cain's penis, Sugar Cain, runs for President promsing to "Protect & Serve" that ass!

5.CNN & FOX News both agree that John Boehner cries like his kid's babysitter is Casey Anthony.

4.The President serves only one term after Republicans convince Americans that the name "Barack Obama" sounds an aweful lot like "Rock Ur Momma"

3.Sarah Palin welcomes her show's first major guest, the creator of Smart Phones, Smart Cars and Smartees...Elisabeth Smart.

2.Santorum & Paul leave the presidential race when it's discovered that Rick Santorum supports Obamacare for cats and Ron Paul's wife is actually Ru Paul.

1.Newt Gingrich finally loses his campaign after saying that the missing Carnival Cruise Ship passengers must have tried Romney's self-deporting method to get to Heaven.

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