This list was made for anyone who enjoys lists or who has ever used Google to search for something on the internet. Apologies if it's too inside.

1. Spongbob Squarepants!

2. Important java knowledge

3. A picture of Jenny McCarthy

4. This cool whisk in front of check mark

5. Cheesburger Jesus (Thank God!)

6. Sports hunks

7. So many forks ;-)

8. Some women's magazine bullshit

9. Another picture of Jenny McCarthy for some reason

10. Boehner having it up to HERE with President Obama

11. Low-Res Spanish screencaps of Seinfeld

12. This freaky pregnant doll

13. A crazy tattoo guy whose name may or may not be Joey Tatts

14. System.log screenshots

15. The secret to becoming Beyonce

16. Lists

17. Links to other Funny or Die articles containing the phrase "17 things"