The human race has some puzzling traits. What is it about those special items that can make us completely lose our minds? Do we really need anything that badly? Sometimes the advertisement daubed walls of shops and stores take on the dimensions of a cage fight enclosure as crazy clientele set their sights on must-have products. Here is a collection of videos depicting consumerism gone mad.

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February 28, 2012

An Ugly Craze


Remember the Cabbage Patch Kids craze of the 80s? Figured out their appeal yet? Didn’t think so! Proving that looks really don’t matter, the pudgy malformed dolls sparked consumer riots across the globe when they went on sale, with spoiled kids of all nationalities crying out the tubby toys.

A Gamers’ Grudge Match


Microsoft, what did you do? When the Xbox 360 hit the shelves of Wal-Mart on Black Friday, anxious gamers put aside their control pads and rolled up their sleeves ready to fight tooth and nail for a set of chips in a plastic case. Obviously Street Fighter fans, these customers don’t know when to quit.

Wal-Mart Free-for-all


When you’ve got to have it, you’ve got to have it. Resembling a WWF Royal Rumble, these Black Friday Wal-Mart customers seemed to have undergone martial arts training prior to grabbing their wallet and gum-shield for some shocking shopping.

Wal-Mart War Zone


In an incredible turn of events, stampeding Black Friday customers rioting at a Wal-Mart store knocked a store clerk to the floor and trampled him to death. This lamentable tragedy highlights the sheer level of hysteria that can course through over eager consumers.

When Did Netto Become a Major Draw?


Truly terrifying and reaching new levels of sadness for humanity, this sort of thing could only happen in Barnsley! When a Netto store re-opened after being burned down in Barnsley, the loony locals queued for hours to get their hands on some budget baked beans. Entertainment must be in short supply up north.

H&M Scarf Tug-of-War


While every girl knows it’s important to accessorise, this fashion store fracas is a step too far. A woman strives to tug a scarf from the iron grip of another female customer in an H&M store, only to leave dejected and empty handed. Shame too, because it really matched her flame-red eyes.

Desperate For a Wii


No, not the tale of an incontinent customer caught short. The Wii in question is the hugely popular Nintendo games console, which broke sales records upon release. Here, we are introduced to the first US customer to get his hands on one after queuing for 10 days. It comes as no surprise that the man in question had legally changed his name to Isaiah “Triforce” Johnson to incorporate the sacred relic from the Zelda games within his identity. Makes perfect sense, congratulations.

A Fond Farewell to Pick’n’Mix


When Woolworths ceased business a genuine British high street icon was lost forever, resulting in thousands of lost jobs. In this video, crowds descend on the closing Woolworths store in Stoke-on-Trent to grab a bargain, oblivious to the consideration that doing that more often in the past might have saved the floundering chain.

Big Smack and Cries


In this grease-stained compilation of scraps in McDonald’s stores, numerous cholesterol-craving customers choose fisticuffs over the Fillet-o-Fish and attempt to batter each other. With their fists, not the deep fried coating. Customers are advised: if you like fast food you’ll need fast hands.

Strapping Lad in Search of a Strap-on


In a truly bizarre example of sexual frustration, a customer storms into a sex shop and goes berserk at the gimp mask vendor cowering behind a jar of Clitoris Allsorts on the counter. It shouldn’t be surprising that a sex shop patron could act so cocky, and just goes to show that any respectable porn emporium must stock a variety of vibrators to please every customer.

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