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Coming soon, "10 Reasons Your Dumb City Is Better Than New York City"
Published September 28, 2012 More Info »

10. Crowds

I know this may seem like a negative thing, but think of it this way, you never get lonely!

9. Celebrity Culture

If you do your homework, you can spot celebirities at talk shows, on the sidewalk, and through the windows of their homes or hotels!

8. Claustrophobia

This is a major reason I (legitimately) love cities. Being surrounded by big tall towers of steel not only help block out the sunlight, but it feels like the city is always hugging you.

7. Shopping

With so many options, why save for retirement? Invest in your wardrobe, not your future.

6. Food

From high end to low end places to feed your belly, the city just has it down to a science. Why choose New York cheesecake over pecan pie when you can just have both (plus some ice cream)!

5. Walking

Everything seems so close! Don't take a taxi to your romantic uptown dinner, just walk through Central Park (and get some much needed excercize after you've had three deserts for lunch) and fight off the vampire rapists that aparently only come out at night (even more excercize, yay)!

4. Buskers Are Talented

Based on my experience with buskers in a variety of locations, you tend to get a mixed bag of nuts. On one street there are breakdancers creating an image of an elephant with their bodies, and the next is a guy dressed as Spiderman pretending to do "real" karate stances. In New York, all buskers are made of magic powder.

3. Broadway

You don't get the complete New York experience if you don't check out a play where they are simply done right (unless you are planning on seeing my play Super! a superhero musical in Toronto...coming soon).

2. People

Whether people are helping you find your desired location, or they're criticizing you for being "too polite," whether they're in suits, or thier birthday suit, the variety is always exciting.


1. You Feel Like A "G" "O" Double "D"

If you hear Alicia Keys and Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind," you feel like getting out of your taxi, running into the bay and screaming "This is where dreams are born!"


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