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Published April 24, 2011

Hot Action Cop ( A new game made by Rock Star Games that plays like a G.T.A. game about a sexy lady cop named Heather Mills an she is looking for the Hot Action here in The Steel City. An trust me this busty police officer will BUST YOU !  Rated M ) 

Bring back Mutant League Sports games. 

The Maxx ( turn that old animated series \ comic book series into an all new game. ) 

Contra 3D ( A re-make of the first Contra game done in 3D. ) 

The Adventures of Bayou Billy ( A all new Bayou Billy video game , based off the comic book series version of Bayou Billy.  Rated M ) 

Blades of Steel ( Now their is a hockey a game that should get a new one done. ) 

Sega Sports games should make a come back. 

Futurama the video game. 

Remake games like the Ren & Stimpy video game The Bevis and Butt-Head video game and so forth and so on like games make into new app game you dig it ! 

Earth Worm Jim 3D ( a new Earth Worm Jim game would be sweet ! ) 

Blasto ( a new Blasto game  just do it ASAP ! ) 

( Look am not feeling it today but maybe another time i'll updates this crap with full on ideas. )