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I just love to sing these bad boys when geting my clean on
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Published April 24, 2011

Your in the Bone Zone now baby.

Reh Dog - Why Must I Cry
(I like to sing it with a Apu voice)

Samwell- What What in the But
(even by my self some times ;])

Frogman- Ain't Got no Home
(I like to sing that one in a bubble bath with my dog in the bathroom)

The Paynus Brothers- Spank my But
(& i'll be spankin your but in heaven!)

James Orchard Halliwell- Rubba Dub Dub I was takin a Bath
(I only take baths on a on a saturday night) 

Chargers Fight song- San Diego Super Cargers!
(I just like trying to hit them high notes)

Eric Carmen- All by my Self
(& you got to sing the drum part)

The Carpenters- Don't You Remember
(you said you be back again now Darlin!!! I LOVE YOU!)

Blue Man Group- EiFFEL 65
(am blue Da Be Dee Da Ba)

the Human League- Don't You Want Me 

Rockwell- Somebody's watching me
(why do it always feel like somebody's watching me)

 Divinyls - i touch myself (i don't want anybody else when i think about you i touch myself .)


Me Like E.

Micheal Jackson- Beat it
(no wants to beat it so I beat it)

Right Said Fred- I'm to sexy
(so Sexy it hurts!!)

Diana Rose- Somthing on My Mind
(& I ain't wasting no more time)

The Ohio Player- Roller Coaster of Love
(ah who who who!)

Tom Jones - It's Not Unusal
(to be loved by anyone)

Simple Minds- you forget about me
(& the rain came fallin the came fallin down down down)

Jimmy Buffett- If you like pina coladas
(& geting caught in the rain)

Garbage- Only happy when it rains
( because am pissed!)

B.J Thomas- Rain Drops keep falling on my head
(I just did me some talking to sun)

Bette Midler- The Rose
(some say love it is a river)