Little known facts about your feline friends, cats.

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September 13, 2010

17 Fun Cat Facts

  1. Yale University is one of many institutions of higher learning which do not offer a major in Cat Culture Studies.

  2. In the Fall of 1982, cat participation in forced bussing reached a level as low as any on record.

  3. Cat romance novels are one of the worst-selling literary genres.

  4. Unlike salamanders, most cats cannot regenerate lost limbs.

  5. Cats prefer disposable razors over electric razors by a 3-1 margin.

  6. 48% of cats favor the Democrats' financial regulatory reform package.

  7. The conclusion of Apocalypse Now would’ve been even more mysterious if Marlon Brando had worn a Persian cat on his head.

  8. On an annual basis, the entire cat population of the U.S. consumes less Pinot Noir than do people in San Francisco.

  9. If the singer Cat Power's middle name was cat, her name would be Cat Cat Power.

  10. If a common housecat were to fly from Earth to Pluto, it would probably need a spacecraft.

  11. Tennessee Williams included the word ‘cat’ in the title of his 1955 play ‘Cat on a Hot Tin

  12. The character of Catwoman from the Batman comics was partially inspired by cats.

  13. If Alfred Hitchcock had made a movie about cats taking over the world, it would probably have been called ‘The Cats’.

  14. Cats eat more mass-manufactured cat food than any other animal.

  15. It would be cool if there were a planet ruled by giant cats who stood upright on their hind legs.

  16. In medieval England, cats were not used as weapons.

  17. It would take three billion cats to stretch across the diameter of the sun, but most of them would not survive.