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signs that you just might have the March Madness.
Published March 14, 2011 More Info »

Madness i tell you MADNESS !

Top 25 

#25. Your hanging out at the college after games but your 30 years old and never went to college before in your life ! 

#24.  You have 6 tvs hooked up in the room your in at all times. 

#23. You know for a fact that rankings don't mean shit once you get into the tournament. 

#22. Your already planning a big 420 party at the pad a month a head of time. 

#21. Watching the game on the phone when in the can at work. 

#20. Watching ball handing skills in slow mo for fun. 

#19.  What can i say dude it's mushroom season. 

#18.  Your Talking about Baseball already. 

#17. For the first time this year you say it's outside today don't you think. 

#16. You watch March of the Penguins once a day. 

#15. Your on here looking at this BS !-) 

#14.  Gambling intervention in 5 4 3 2 1 ! 


#13. Powerade showers before and after work. 

#12. Young college basketball player guys are making rich people even more money for a college education or a dart pick. 

#11. You better March your ass into the unemployment line you broke ass joke. 

#10.  1 man march , the march for individualism in walk across america South to up North style. 

#9. picking winners by coolest of looking logo to win. 

#8. Start planting your herbs #420 

#7. fasting for your team. 

#6. Watched the SNL  40th Anniversary show about 10 times now so i think i know what funny is a. 

#5.  marching band music is what your into now a days um k  home slice ! 

#4.  Name your first born March and the wife isn't OK with it at all but to late bitch ! Because it's done did baby ;-p

#3. Only watch porn that was shoot in March of the this year. #Fresh 

#2. You keep saying " just keep Marching on partner "

#1. Every day is the same old shit different day like always ! 


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