For years now Ricky Rosè has been blessing this nation with his fresh rhymes. With each line comes more and more proof that Rick runs this country. He tugged at our heart strings with "Cross That Line", he got us amped up to stomp the yard with "B.M.F.", he even got the ladies moist with "Money Make Me Come". Did I mention he's The Boss? No? Well, he is.

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November 17, 2011

"Got me a white girl, fuck til her face red/ Yeah, her food tastes bad, but she givin great head"

Looks like the Boss can whip up some mean ribs, so I guess it doesn't matter if his white girl sucks at cooking. At least that blowie was still top notch.

"Make all of my bitches tattoo my logo on they titty/ Put a statue of a nigga in the middle of the city"

I really hope he makes his bitties get a logo of his face on their tits. What a great way to remember a dick you sucked. Dade County, Florida - please build a Rick Ross statue. Please.

"She graduated from the school of arts/now she swimming in a pool of sharks"€

Sounds like a rough transition for ya girl, Rick. Graduated with a degree in arts and suddenly she's in shark infested water. What's that? Oh. I'm being told it's a metaphor. For Ricky and all his boys. Gotcha.

"I wanna walk in the image of Christ/But that bitch Vivica nice/And I'm still swimming in ice"€

I'm in the same boat Rick. Why does Vivica A. Fox's sweet ass get in the way of so many people's attempts at being Christ-like? Dammit. Hey, at least you're swimmin in ice. I work at Taco Johns.

"My top back like JFK/they wanna push my top back like JFK/ So, so I JFK/ Joined forces with the kings and we ate all day"€

I get the first part. Because JFK got his face shot off and all. I also get that not a lot rhymes with JFK besides, well, ahh, JFK. Didn't realize that joining forces with kings means you eat all day. Unless, of course, it's the BURGER king.

"The rumors turn me on, I'm masterbatin at the top/These hos so excited so they catchin every drop"€

If his rhymes are true, Rick's hos sure do some awesome stuff. I'm envisioning Ricky on a mound of money jerkin off into anxiously awaiting mouths, similar to baby birds. That would just be the tops.

"Know you missin that anal/ Know you missin that prada/ How we did in regada"€

Can't decide what I miss more. That vicious bout of anal or that cute Prada handbag Rick bought me. Also - not quite sure what regada means. Maybe a rowing reference?

"I wanna take my bitch around the globe/ Hawaii, hang glidin in the mountains, shittin on these hos"€

Show me a hang gliding apparatus that can get Rick Ross off the ground. Seriously, do it. What's that? Impossible? That's what I thought. At least he's committed to droppin a monster deuce if the opportunity arises.

"I'm thinkin money, every moment thinkin money/ I bust a nut, then I'm back to thinkin money"€

Said like a true boss. I've got nothing on this one. Guess I'm just surprised he stops thinking about money even while he's poppin a load off.