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2 diffrent things one list.
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War of death (what ever the number you won off of you give away that meany drinks 2-9 but 10 is a half beer and J,K,Q, and Ace's are all give away a full beer.) 1player - infinity playerz ("Use beer, wine, champagne or weed (with weeds 2-9 that is now your holding it in time and 10 is smoke a half bowl and J,K,Q and Ace's are smoke a hole bowl to the dome.) only so you don't go killing your self now you here.")

The ABC game ( Pick a top Like bands for example (or what ever the hell you want the topic to be.) an each player gets a 10sec turn to answer a band name that starts with letter and it go down the line untell A-Z has an answer. So if you get it wrong you have to drink and the next player will try to give an answer to the letter you just f*cked up on but if you get it right everyone takes drinks but you and we move on to the next letter and player. An if it's a double name like Between the Buried and me everyone takes two drinks.) 1- infinity players and yes you can use weed to play this game as well if you would like. (i have been playing this on since high school myself.)

Circle of Death  (There are a few diffrent ways to play this card/drinking so look them up to find what fits you and your party the best.)

Bad Mouth (Everytime you see a death in a movie take a hit from the bong hold it in as you do a shot.)

Movie Lines ( 5 dollar buy in game. Ok so you put a bunch of movies liners with the answer to what movie the lines are from on paper into a hat.  (Each player must come up with 3 things to put into the hat each round.) Each players gets 4 minutes to answer as meany movie titles as they can. After each round a how new bunch of movies lines are put into the hat and asked to the next player up. An however has the most right answers after 3 rounds wins the money. An for every wrong answer you drink and for every right answer they drink.) (Captain Obvious here telling you all movie lines must read off, for the fact is the movie line are the questions and the answers are the titles.)

Masterbaiterville ( Wax off every time you see someone sexy on the t.v) Solo player game.



Why i hate life at lot of time

Got a new dead end job a Gab's or as i like to call it the "Gay Ball Brothers" (dead end job #6 for me an am only 27.)

The Goverments of the world f*cking everything up.

Low life people with no hart or soul that can't get past there ego even for 1 second to do somthing right.

Super Rich People. (Yep nothing like using other to get to the top and to say on top.)

The 0 credit i always get for the things i do and come up with. (An yes only time people say anything to me about the things i do are when am f*cking up on sh*t.)

Am not hung if you know what am saying. (but i try like a mother f*cker ladies ;-) you know!)

This NHL BS is KiLLiNG ME!

The Pittsburgh Pirates sucking for 20 years strate. They are so bad it makes me want to drive into on coming traffic.

Factory Framing. Not only do the animals get factory farmed but so do most vegetable and Fuirts so where just flat out f*cked people.

Having no sex life.

Most of the new groups/bands coming out nowadays are just makes me sick.

Never making it anywhere in my life an at this rate things are not looking any better at all. (GOD JUST PLEASE LET SOMTHING GOOD CUM iNTO MY DUMBASS LiFE FOR ONCE.)  

"Well am off to go cry myself to sleep in the bathtub so i'll be seeing you all in Hell!"

PEACE in the Middle-East

Da Bullfrog