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 implant (  A all new dirty syfy comedy that will be a classic comedy. About very rich but unscrupulous old woman named Nancy Law. So anyways Nancy Law plots with her Doctor Dr. Ken Buck to have her brain implanted in the skull of a sexy young woman on her death bed from brain damage from a car crash named Kelly Starr. so Nancy Law uses up all of her money to get this done so Nancy can become the young single and very sexy but very broke Kelly Starr. Because Nancy wants some action bad ! An so now the Nancy Law is "dead" ( the Nancy law body has the dead brain of Kelly Starr in he body so there no going back.) The all new Kelly Starr moves away from the area and becomes a striper to play the bills when she is out looking for good d*cks. When Kelly Starr old boyfriend Al Smith tracks down Nancy Law inside of Kelly Starr's body, as he trys to get her back in his life and Al Smith also trying to get Kelly Starr to connect with her "Family" again you see. An things get even more wired from there in a big time way but in the end Al and "Kelly" end up together after a lot of odd but very funny sh8t goes down in this flicks that is sure to be a freaky good time. ) 


Go-Go Boots A girl tries to become the top star in the glamorous world of 1960's Hollywood.  A young woman named Michele Rogers, is persuaded by a disreputable drunk ass run down agent-type Jake Ford to leave her job as a waitress and her boyfriend cook Eddie Hamm who she is leaving with and working with at the time Jake Ford shows up in town. An Jake Ford wants her to travel to Hollywood to become a Star. So after Eddie Hamm beats the hell of Jake Ford Michele packs her crap, quits her job and dumps Eddie Hamm, because she is going to LA with Jake Ford to become star ! But when they get there she ends up becoming go-go dancer as Jake Ford look for acting work her there in Hollywood back in 1960. An here in Hollywood she must compete with the all the established and want to be stars if Michele Rogers is going become like her hero, actresses and singer Joan Westlake. An eventually after a lot of hard work from but Michele Rogers and Jake Ford ( who fall in love with each other when doing so. ) Michele Rogers ends up taking Joan Westlake place in Hollywood and becomes a big time star like she dreamed of her whole life living in a small town as a nobody. An in the end as a old lady after the death of Jake Ford Michele Rogers gets her star on the walk of fame. So she will as be remembered as a top Hollywood star forever and always. The End ) 


 D: 3D ( A new Rated R surival horror puzzle movie based off the old video game. Laura is a scholar in her late twenties at a school in San Francisco. Her father, Dr. Richter Harris, is the director and supervisor of a hospital in Los Angeles. Her mother, the wife of Dr. Harris, was violently killed years ago; she was found stabbed to death with her limbs amputated. Laura’s only keepsake from her deceased mother is a blue compact. The mirror holds a power that can show hints of the future and as such, is of great use and value to Laura.Dr. Richter Harris Father of Laura Harris. He was the supervisor of a hospital in Los Angeles and is in his late fifties. Years ago, his wife was brutally murdered. He has gone insane and killed a large number of patients and staff at the hospital. He is noted as a quiet and studious man, which makes his killing spree all the more puzzling.When Laura Harris is contacted by Los Angeles police, receiving a disturbing message: her father, Dr. Richter Harris, has gone on a mass murdering spree and barricaded himself in the hospital. Laura rushes to the scene of the crime, desperate to find an explanation for the well-respected doctor's actions. Upon entering the hospital, she is so horrified at the murdered bodies lying about the halls but she is still in the hospital and explores further, until taken by a small metallic entity to the castle.Unwilling to give up her search, Laura continues through the dark corridors of the medieval hall. While attempting to find her father, she experiences a series of flashbacks of her mother being stabbed to death. Laura's father (taking the form of apparitions) warns her to leave, saying that staying too long means being stuck in the alternate reality forever. He warns that he will soon become an emotionless monster and will eventually try to kill her. Still shaken, Laura proceeds to find her father residing at the peak tower of the castle. Angrily, the father reveals the sordid past of his family: Laura and her father are part of a bloodline with an insatiable appetite for human flesh, dating back to the infamous Dracula. Laura had killed and eaten her mother years ago, but it was erased from her memory by her father. As Dr. Harris begins to transform into a vampire, Laura has to make a choice: kill or be killed. There are four endings available depending what actions she takes. An if this one does good you can make D 2. An hell mybe even a all new D games can be made. Rebirthed from a movie if you can see what am getting here my friends.) 


Cannonball Run 3Race teams have gathered in Connecticut to start a cross-country car race. One at a time, teams drive up to the starters' stand, punch a time card to indicate their time of departure, then take off. Where a wide variety of eccentric competitors participate in a wild and illegal cross-country car race. Star all kinds of famous people in this Rated R Comedy. ) 


Liquid Television ( Liquid T.V back on M.T.V becoming the next Adult Swim on one of the M.T.V channels.) 


Beyond Wrestling ( on HBO ) 

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Wild World 3DA busty badass woman named Miss. Kitty Moon enlists her beauteous bevy of girls. Sandy, Candy & Tammy  (when they are not dancing the jerk owned by Miss. Kitty Moon. ) The Stipers help Kitty regain a mad scientist's Guy Blank's invention (A bomb that will airborn a new kind of flu when the bomb hits, that only he has a vaccine for, so he and his goons can take over the world and save the only the people they want around inslaving them for his own fun.) An the only people who can stop him is Kitty and the jerk girls. Rated R as HELL. An this movie has it all Mystery, Syfy, Action, Adventure, Nakedness, comedy and more ! ) Because it's a Wild World we live in but lucky for us Kitty and the jerk girls are around to keep us all safe from the evils of this world we are all living in these days a. The Queen of all cult classic movies these here movie will be super hot sh*t !. ) 

Garbage Duty  (  Two single dudes in there late 30's that live together in trailer out in the woods from a small town in W.V called Colliers run the Colliers Dump together and they been best of friends since grade school and have been wroking at the dump together since they got out of high school. An when there not on Garbage Duty there looking to party hard and these two pussy hounds are always looking for some head but where you have lived in the same small town your whole life and everyone around your age is married with kids or they have just moved away from this dump a long time ago it's kind of hard to find chicks man. Because all the single ladies on all f*cked up on hard drugs and sh*t. But they take it one day at a time and enjoy kicking together no matter how much they fight with each other about anything and everything. ) 

Cook it up ! ( A all new vegan cooking youtube channel. ) 

T.N.A Boom ( A new one hour long T.N.A pro wrestling online show for Youtube. 3 matches each ep. ) 

N.W.A ALL-STARS ( N.W.A pro wrestling on T.B.S Saturdays at 6pm ) 

Single White Female ( By day Jill Hart is taking College classes to become a Doctor and by night she is a stripper working the clubs. Because she needs to pay for her College classes and what not crap. She was born in prison thanks to her junkie hooker mom kim Hart ! An no one knows who the hell her dad is at all what so ever ! So she was passed around from foster care home to foster care home untill she was 18. An at 18 she started College and started Stripping to pay here in life. An in the mist of all this crap going down she needs to find time to make real friends for once in her life and she needs to make time to find true love in this crazy mixed up world we live in these days my friends. An these is the life story of a single white female named Jill hart and keep the stripper thing on the down low so she don't get herself kicked out of school um k big dogs thanks. Rated tv MA or what have you. )