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The latest cover of Rolling Stone, featuring an attractive photo of Boston bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, has many folks outraged at the magazine for attempting to turn the accused killer into a rock star, of sorts. Of course, Rolling Stone is no stranger to controversy, but did they go too far this time? Here's a round-up of the some tweets following the controversy to help you decide.
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I feel like whoever pitched Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for the Rolling Stone cover was completely kidding. — Morgan Murphy (@morgan_murphy) July 17, 2013

I'm never buying another copy of Rolling Stone again or since 1997! — Mike Drucker (@MikeDrucker) July 17, 2013

All I know is Peter Travers thought the cover was "A slam-bang thrill ride! Summer entertainment has a new name and it is Dzhokhar!" — Patrick Walsh (@thepatrickwalsh) July 17, 2013

New York Post Outraged as Rolling Stone Recklessly Splashes Picture of Correct Suspect on Front Page — Adam Burke (@atpburke) July 17, 2013

People are outraged by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev being on the cover of Rolling Stone, but they haven't even heard his cover of Peace Train yet. — Eugene Mirman (@EugeneMirman) July 17, 2013

Last week's Rolling Stone had Johnny Depp as Tonto on cover. This week's features Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. 2 huge bombs in a row. #YeahIWentThere — Eli Braden (@EliBraden) July 17, 2013

Remember the month where Spin magazine became Osama Spin Laden — sean oconnor (@seanoconnz) July 17, 2013

At Rolling Stone: "Let's use Zimmerman next!" "Does Dylan have a new album dropping?" "Not Bob, George!" <eye gouge> <wrench to nose> — Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) July 17, 2013

Can't believe George Zimmerman is on the cover of Vibe this month! — Ken Jennings (@KenJennings) July 17, 2013

Great news for people who want to be on the cover of Rolling Stone, but hate practicing guitar. — Alex Baze (@bazecraze) July 17, 2013

Pitchfork gave the new Rolling Stone cover a 1.3 — keithlaw (@keithlaw) July 17, 2013

I'm saving my outrage for the day Rolling Stone puts Justin Beiber on the cover flashing a gang sign while pissing on the White album — Matt Oswalt (@Puddinstrip) July 17, 2013

.@RollingStone Which #teen sensation will grace your cover next?! — rob delaney (@robdelaney) July 17, 2013