Ochocinco NFL's recieved a tweet from his friend a reminder that they have charity event which is a basketball tournament. It's a three on three game turns ugly! Tun,tun,tun slapping the ball out of kids hand cheats to win but loses any way. One of the kid say's to Chad kiss the baby. "Not a true story only the tweet is."

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April 05, 2012

Sorry.... I don't know what else to write, I'm not much of a comedic writer but I figure you could help. I follow Ochocinco on twitter and I recieved an update where his friend sends a tweet telling him that he needs to go over to the youth center for a basketball fundraiser.

When a nice moment shatters hopes and dreams

I figure this is the scene Ochocinco meets up with his Bra! at the youth center and for every bascket he makes he donates to charity. Let's say a dunk is $500-$1000 but there is a twist he has to play an actual game with kids from the youth center and they have skills. One kid can dunk being only 5'4, the other kid is a heckler and the other is a bully but evey time he wants to speak he ends up breaking into song like on glee.