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These are things that were found in Albert Einstein's desk...
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Published August 26, 2010

Things found in Albert Einstein's Desk

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)   Things found in ALBERT EINSTEIN’S DESK   1. 3 boxes of #1 pencils without erasers 2. ½ half empty (or half-full) box of Cracker Jacks 3. A large pocket compass 4. Leather bound 1st Edition of MAD Magazine 5. A “Magic 8 Ball” (taken apart) 6. Spiral Notebook with an detailed explanation of “the Quantum Theory of a Monatomic Gas in regards to the Geometrication of Physics” along with page after page of crude child-like drawings of huge naked women’s breasts with big eyes instead of nipples 7. Bottle of Vodka 8. A Paddle-Ball 9. An  “E = mc2”  License plate 10. A collection of dead flies stuffed into an empty staples box 11. Two first edition hard back copies of the HARDY BOYS books, “The       Ghost at Skeleton Rock” and “The Secret of Pat’s Ditch” 12. Stack of bingo cards 13. Empty bottle of “English Leather” cologne 14. A cigar box jammed with Cracker Jack prizes 15. A container of "Silly-Putty" along with copious notes 16. A piece of black construction paper with the words “total eclipse-ha- ha       ha” scrawled in chalk 17. “Tic-Tac-Toe” score sheet 18. Nobel Peace Prize 19. A 5 cent paper airplane with rubber band and prop still in the package 20. Paperback book of dirty jokes in German 21. An autographed 8 x 10 photo of himself and 12 other scientists in white   lab coats and wearing Albert Einstein Halloween masks 22. An unused comb *Trivia: Einstein always carried a dead mouse in his pocket to “remind me of my childhood.”