If you (meaning FOD) will change things around, maybe you can incorporate our "want" list.

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August 02, 2010

This drastic . . . global change has taken us aback.  But can we really do anything to make FOD change it back?  Most probably not . . . so, let's just be constructive and let them know of the features that we we really like.  If they take it ~ it's well and good . . . If they don't ~ let's all meet on facebook!!! 

So, here is a list of my wants . . . please add to it as you please and hope for the best:

  1. For my COMMENTS to stick on someone else's page.  You probably is getting tired of getting complains but how can you better the site without your users' input.
  2. COLOR MY WORLD - can we have colors on the 'private account page'
  3. COMMENT COUNTER - I rely on this make sure that I read and respond to whom ever took the time to post a comment on my blog.
  4. Option to make the "WEB SERIES" as my default.

Frizie a.k.a. Spydergirl