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30 quotes that have stuck with me over the years.
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Published May 14, 2011

i might look it but am married.

#1 "It take different strockes for different folks to make the world go round so lets have a round on me." (Gary Coleman)

#2 :Caring is sharing & sharing is fun unless you a bum then you can just f*ck off" (the care bears)

#3 "Bag it before you tag brodiddley" (BF's)

#4 "two in the pink two in the stink" (Spock)

#5 "F*ck it!" (the Dude)

#6 "Why can't we all just get along" (Rodney King)

#7 "There is allways time to let some one shine your junk". (not sure)

#8 "Be kind in doing your time" (not sure)

#9 "Roll the dice & it might not be so nice at all" (not sure)

#10 "Peace One love one Life Jah Rastafari" (some Rasta)

#11 "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder so find one that is blind and hit it from behind" (not sure)

#12 " you find your inner Chie when playing with one with self." (NA)

#13 "Take the time to please that BOOTY!" (some Pimp)

#14 "Just Chill my babies" (COCO)

#15 "Let the Big Dog Eat!" (Rookie of the year)

Your the one the shell on it!

#16 "a friend in need is a friend indeed" (a drug dealer)

#17 "Do it to it before i do her!" (Squidbillies)

#18 "Make love not war" (some dirty whore)

#19 "Get the Edge" (Anthony Robbins/edge pro gide)

#20 "If you can dream it you can achieve it" (Anthony Robbins/every motivational speaker)

#21 :No Fear" (wiskey)

#22 "you can only polish a turd up so much" (some Heck)

#23 "Hands Across America!" (1986) 

#24 "I use to care but now i don't" (Bod Dylan) 

#25 "I deserve good things, I am entitled to my share of happiness. I refuse to beat myself up." (Stuar Smalley)

#26 "Am loving it!" (your Mom) 

#27 "you can sitck your head up a bulls ass to get a good look at a t-bone but I'd rather take the butcher's word for it!" (Tommy Boy)
#28 "You're good enough, You're smart enough, And doggone it People really like you!" - (Stuart Smalley)  

#29 "if wishes were fishes i would have caught aids" (not sure ;)

#30 "Even the sun shines on a dogs ass now and then" (some old timer)

#31 "Bros before Hos or we both bust a load" (not sure)

#32 Are we going to f*ck or not b*tch (me) "this an having jack shit to my name is way i haven't been laid in such a very very very long time."

#33 Hell i been to all 52 states running for this office. (Obama)

#34 it's not gay if he sucks your dick. (people in the closet.)

#35 Like what just happen dude. (Burnouts.) 

#36 What a total wast of time and i now want to kill  myself or at least kill this a*shole. (you) 

#37. Man or Woman not having sex or playing with your self for a few days leads to cream dreams. ( That  right there is just a fact )

#38.  The 80's paved the way for todays pop music. ( wishing the 80's never happened and that is coming from a person born in 1985. ) 

#39.  Getting Slammed in college leads to slamming ;-). ( every college kid ever ) 

#40. PMS leads to butt sex ( every single ninfomana sex addict ) 


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