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50 new Band Names Ideas of the top of my head G.
Published March 01, 2011 More Info »
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Published March 01, 2011

band names ideas

1.Snake Bit Venom Trip

2.Vampire Altar Boys

3. Caption Crunch & The Dingel Barry's

4. A-U-N me yet

5.Space Catz

6.The Everyday Playerz

7.double Fist of pain


9.Cockeyed looks

10.psychedelic tofu attack (PTA)

11.the Little Philly & the dukes

12.The Punch drunkards

13.The Qween will have Regerts

14. The Cat Ladies Boyz

15.Funky Junkiez

band name ideas

16.Legend of the Beer goggles

17. The Policy warning

18.  XXX files

19.E & the special K

20. Bilndspoted Conspiracy (i was in a band called that once.)

 21. Pillow Talkin

22. The dirty little Hoboe sluts

23.Please Re-use

24. The Smoking Jays gang

                                                             25. Hippy Drifting Dirtbags

                                                               26. Drug Money Pay Off

                                                                  27. Offline Sex Drive

                                                              28.Wiskey Drinkin Dads

                                                                    29. Ass Money

                                                  30.ROCKING ROLL PUSSY HOLEz

                                                        31. Tricks on Your Street 

                                                                  32. Pound-Town

                                                                 33.Hey Big Guyz

                                                               34. The GayLordz

                                                           35. Plumkins Bunkins

                                                           36. Morning Camel tow 

37. FTW 3000 

38. Meat Dick 

39.   Red White and Blow Me.

40. imprisoned Soul ( sidenote they should a remake of that 1918 movie. With color and words and music in it and what not.)

41.  French Ticklers 

42.  Old Heads 

43.  Suck on This 

44. Baby Boo 

45. Mojo Swingers 

46. Sweet Honey Pie 

47.  Never Ending Greed 

48.  Mean Green 

49.  Captain 420 and the crew 

50.  Your Mom and My Mom 

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