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Random ideas

The flip tab screw on beer cans. So you can drink as much as you want all at once.

Cars that run off THC.

Hippie on Tour (a documentary series about the hippie life on lot.)

A rave rap band.

A vegan fast food chain called Kosher King.

Bringing back the Pittsburgh Pippers to the NBA. (Because no one likes rooting for the Cavs.) 

Toy Story 69 ("You know what am takin about  };-)

Lacrosee mixed slamball.

A spirits drink mix called "Back to the Hood"  One part cherry Kool Aid one part Old English one part Four Loko and the rest Captain Morgan black. Mixed and served in a fish bowl. "With a little sprinkle crack on it if your in the place."

For every strip club in the USA to have a cougar night every monday night. Where the cougars do the striping. "Hey they gotz kids to feed god da*n it!"

Giving my ass an all Bum Fights network. All bums all the time.

the protable X-Box 360. (if Sony can do why not right?)

A college GED test for you drop out can take to get your bachelor's degree so you can get back to work doing some minimum wage job you hate. (Hell if there was one i would go to college and drop out so could take it.)

10 reasons Paul Ryan is gay. "not in just in a sexual way."


"Besides the fact that his a republican and the way he looks."

#10 He jackoff to that P 90 X guy 7 days a week but he calls it "workin out".

#9 He "rocks out" to  Led Zeppelin when doing paper work . "Hey Paul most people party to Zeppelin bro."

#8 His against legalizing weed

#7 i gotz an email from Janna Ryan on F*ckBook today.

#6 Old Paulie boy Ryan want to be just like Mitt Romney.

#5 His had the hand of the rich up his ass since the day he got into politics.

#4 The Last time he kicked it in the hood would be his first time.   

#3 His a Packers fan. 

#2 His into trickle down economics ("You know he lets dudes pee on him for money".)

#1 He puts the lotion on the skin because he does what his told.

 Bouns: He was the one who got John Travolta into the whole bath house thing. 

And him being agianst gay rights and a women's choice to have a abortion is really gay in my book.