It's the 6th episode of season 7. Here are 8 reasons we're STILL watching Entourage.

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More Mandy Moore

Remember when Mandy Moore played herself to a T? I do. No hook up of Vince’s has even come close to having the affect the singer of “Candy” had on him. Never has anyone portrayed Mandy Moore quite like Mandy Moore and to see it again would be a real treat. 

Theme Song

Three words: Jane’s. Addiction. Superhero. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeahhh- does that song ever get old? Oh no, oh no, oh nooo. So good. 

Hey Arnold!

More like, where’s Arnold? That dog was a huge part of their lives back in the day. He was always down for a smoking sesh and quite attune to filling dead air space with top-notch barks. And now? Occasionally we’ll see him wandering around the patio furniture like a cast off degenerate. Are budget cuts to blame for his lack of screen time or did he score another gig? I pray to god it’s the latter because I will not rest until I am assured that dog is steadily employed.  

Vince’s Imminent Death

Doug Ellin would like us to believe that Vince OD’d on pure agave tequila, and I would like nothing more than to believe him, but once again it comes down to performance. His acting skills have failed him once more because I’m positive he’s not dead, pretty sure he’s not passed out, and not even fully convinced that he’s naked.  

The Sexual Tension Between E and Scott

We’ve seen this scenario before. Two hot shots with something to prove, they’re not getting along, not seeing eye to (red) eye- that is until they are. Scramble around the letters in BFF and you’ve got FBF, “Future butt fuckers.” The overturn of Prop 8 could not have come at a better time; these two are one late night office session away from banging some love back into this country. 

The Character Expansion of Jake: Ari’s Assistant

Um hi, where do you come from and what’s your story? I know you weren’t always in a state of constant panic and indecision, frantically debating the pronunciation of Stein vs. Stine. It feels like you’re new to the scene, a small town boy with big dreams. You dropped out of the University of Ohio’s theater program to get your modeling career going. Your favorite late night cereal is Frosted Flakes and you always drink the leftover milk. I’m just spitballing here, I don’t know, someone please tell me more about this kid.  

Sasha Grey’s Bush

Finally, Entourage was brave enough to provide her a platform to show that thing off. The world has been waiting. Also, fun fact: the fullness of her vaginal foliage can be attributed to her involvement in Locks for Love. Some sickly 11-year old girl is going to get a bountiful bush from Ms. Grey. Let's just hope the carpet matches the drapes of her hospital room.

Vince’s Fall Back Career as a Bartender

If nothing else, this guy knows how to pour a shot. 

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