With the election just around the corner, here are a few of some things I would rather endure than hear one more political comment. Honorable mention: get leprosy
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Published: November 04, 2012

Initiate a conversation with a stanger on an elevator.

Perhaps we should break this crushing silence and see what friend potential we can unlock? No, lets just stand here awkardly and overly stress via body lanuage that we do not care if the other person sees us do nothing.

Have a fist fight with a telephone pole.

Its the 21st century, shouldn't all phones be wireless anyway?

Record myself vomiting, then listen to it, over and over again.

"Are you vomiting in there?" ... Also, perferably with a pair of Beats by Dre. That is if they actually produce sound and are just not a gawdy fashion accessory. 

Read a book, without pictures.

Does 50 Shades of Grey have pictures?

Print my browser history and read it aloud in a poetical fashion.

"Alas, the winds of change have shifted there boundless currents from facebook to google search: nakedness, back to facebook, followed by more facebook.