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pro wrestling rant off !
Published December 14, 2012 More Info »
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Pro Wrestling Rants

Yo Spike T.V. Keep T.N.A. impact on Spike T.V. on Wednesday when you renew their contract ( Please renew their contract for the love of God ! ) because i watch every week and have been for years. An yes T.N.A. needs a second show on her in the U.S. 

The W.W.E. should bring back the King of Ring P.P.V. because that P.P.V. is right up their with Summer Slam, Survivor Series and Wrestlemania as the very best in all of Pro Wrestling. 

Yo H.H.H. you know you my boy and every and have been since i was a kid and you where in W.C.W. But you have got to let Kurt Angle come back to the W.W.E. Look man i know he pissed you off by going over your head when he called Vince after calling you asking for a spot on the W.W.E. roster but since the W.W.E. is doing it up with the part time guys Kurt Angle needs to be one of them guys for sure H.H.H. ( An no am not big at all on the part guys what so ever at all but Kurt Angle is pro wrestling so bring him in Game. Let the old guy ride off in the sun set and then it's the N.X.T. peoples time. ) 

Sting vs Taker and if not that Sting vs H.H.H. 

N.W.A. pro wrestling needs a T.V. show and on the online show the N.W.A. should start mixing up the best up incoming wrestling with the big names on the independents in matches so you can really gets the people world wide pump up about some N.W.A. pro wrestling ! An yes old not so big name guys need to be getting over the younger wrestlers. 

The N.W.A. needs to find the next big things in pro wrestling am talking the big time pro wrestling man the next big time woman and the next big time tag team in pro wrestling so they can bring the world wild spot light on the N.W.A. but until you then keep using the older big names to keep the N.W.A. fresh in the minds of pro wrestling world wide. 

T.N.A. One Night Only T.N.A. vs N.W.A. now that's a P.P.V. or Hell R.O.H. vs N.W.A. P.P.V. 

More movies and t.v crossover stuff would be for pro wrestling. 

More and more pro wrestling companies should start working with each other so we can grow pro wrestling even more than what it is already. 

The N.W.A. should bring back the U.S. Tag Titles and the next U.S. Tag champs should be Lodi and Lenny Lane you dig. They also would make for a good R.O.H. or G.F.W. tag team if you ask me. 

The Headbangers in T.N.A. make it happen. But the G.F.W. will do just fine for them a. 

Top 5 Dream N.W.A. World Title Match ups: #5. Lodi  vs Rob Conway, #4. Rob Conway vs Justin Credible  #3. Rob Conway vs Matt Cross   #2. Rob Conway vs Sonjay Dutt   #1. Rob Conway vs Ken Shamrock  all would be great match up for the N.W.A. champ that the fan would love. But the Ken Shamrock vs Rob Conway would really get people talking big time baby ! 

Hey if your starting up a independent pro wrestling company get a hold the N.W.A. because they can make you part of the N.W.A. like they have with so meany other independent companies in the past. Just sayin ! 

New Japan Pro Wrestling needs t.v time in the U.S.A.  And yes New Japan is working with R.O.H., N.W.A. and G.F.W. now a days so their trying their best to get a bigger American fan base. 

Wrestle 1 should have a T.N.A. impact invasion. 

A.A.A. vs A.A.A. U.S.A.  would be nuts ! 

A.A.A. U.S.A. needs a T.V. Show. Because am telling you that shit has big names and it's super badass action players ! + it's just good fun. 

T.N.A. should keep pushing Magnus because his the best thing going in main stream U.S.A. pro wrestling today. 

Bram vs Magnus make it happen. 

T.N.A. should bring back the T.V. Title and have a T.V. Title match each week on Xplosion 

A live "free' ( aka add money ) stream for a N.W.A. show on the Youtube channels would be sweet ( or any pro wrestling company for that matter ) and Hell if it goes good do every week i what say a. 

No more part time world champs after Brock Lesnar for the Love of God ! Because the part time guys should be getting people over not being champs ! 

Tell the stories more with the in ring action because it's cool and fun to do the shoots and clips and all that stuff but it's still wrestling so do your story telling a little more in the ring is what i think anyways W.W.E. 

T.N.A. sexy it up and Edge E up my friends. 

Mid card people and Women's wrestling need more time sun you dig baby. 

Tag Team Wrestling in all of pro wrestler needs a kick the pants and hard ! 

Here is a fun gimmick some could do a Masked wrestler named the Bullfrog with a hot manager named Lilly now that's cool bro !  + the kids would like it a lot. 

( Look i have a lot more to say but i know this is a lot so i will stop now. ) 

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