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pro wrestling rant off !
Published December 14, 2012 More Info »
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Pro Wrestling Rants

Paul Hyman make me turn the channel every time i hear him and Brock Lesnar is a very crappy W.W.E. champ because a part time guy should never be world champ ! A old part time guy needs to be getting guys over not hogging up the spotlight um K W.W.E. ! Brock Lesnar as champ is just dumb and gay in my mind. Part-Time guys need to = Getting other guys over for the love God ! 

Guys that can really go in the ring and are full time guys like Cesaro, Kofi Kingston, Fandango, and others should be becoming top card guys not jobbing out for living. 

Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel should be a tag team on the main roster and since am talking tag team the tag division in the W.W.E. needs a kick the pants and new champs would be nice ! 

Prince Devitt, Kenta and Kevin Steen should be on the main roster as top go to guys by the start of 2015 in the W.W.E. 

Like i keep saying if you don't use them then lose them to make way the N.X.T. superstars. 

T.N.A. and the W.W.E. both should stop bringing in so meany people from R.O.H. Because you do know that there are other companies out there that have very good pro wrestlers in them like say N.W.A. for one and G.P.W. and so on and so on that you should be taking people in from if you ask me sports fans. 

Save T.N.A. impact on Spike T.V. or find a new channel for T.N.A. shows and to tell you the Truth T.N.A. needs more than 1 T.V. show on here in the U.S.A. 

N.W.A. pro wrestlers needs a world wide T.V. but until then more online shows and post more stuff up online about all things N.W.A. 

Bring back the R.O.H. Spotlight videos for the Youtube page. 

The Headbangers should be in T.N.A. because T.N.A. really needs a kick in the ass in the tag team division since Davey Richards broke his leg and all.  

Push The Menagerie more. An let Crazy Steve get really nuts in the ring like we all he can do you dig T.N.A. 

Better \ longer \ faster in ring action from the X division would be nice ! Since the X division is the life blood of T.N.A. 

T.N.A. vs N.W.A. at a T.N.A. One Night Only P.P.V. would be sweet ! 

G.F.W. needs to be world wide with a roster from people all over the world on it so G.F.W. keep linking up with other pro wrestling companies. 

3 Tag Team that should in the G.F.W. ( or any other big company )  #3. Lodi and Lenny Lane AKA "The West Hollywood Blondes"  #2. Motor City Machine Guns  #1. Fusion DS  Bonus: London & Kendrick & The Headbangers with "2MB" Jinder Mahal & Drew Mcintyre "rockin Tans" ( Am going to get in somewhere before the year over because they just need that one more run as The Bangers in the W.W.E. An since Part timers can do anyhting in the W.W.E.  i can see some Headbangers pulling one over like the New Aged Outlaws did a few months back when they won the Tag Gold coming out of retirement when they rivaled with USOS would be fine by me bros for sure dude W.W.E. goes back in time with a little Attitude Area Champs. Hey am just saying you know brah ! ) Sidenote: Lodi and Lenny Lane still can go. So check em out O.K.

Keeping John Cena in the movies. ( He could be like the next Stone Cold. You know acting in crappy movies and hosting T.V. shows and do cross over shit like. ) 

Top 3 Sting dream match ups in the W.W.E. 

#3. Sting vs H.H.H. 

#2. Sting vs Bray Wyatt 

#1. Sting vs Randy Orton 

N.W.A. Vs R.O.H. on T.B.S. ( N.W.A. gets a T.V. show together with R.O.H. could work man.) 

Hogan vs Rusev for hogans last match. 

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