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pro wrestling rant off !
Published December 14, 2012 More Info »
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The King of Ring should come back a yearly P.P.V. 

One nice long and good 5 star match a week for us die heart fans of the in ring action would be a nice little thing. 

U.S. and i.C. become one. 

Less BS and Less re-plays and replace that time with the people who need the T.V. time. 

Know what the fans want. 

More cross over stuff into the shows that are on the N.B.C. owned channels. 

Drop all the old W.C.W. titles and if you feel the need to replace them just bring back the W.W.E. Light Heavyweight Championship Title and The W.W.E. European Championships. 

Alex Riley should be put back into in ring action. 

Here is a faction idea i call the Truthers lead by R-Truth with Big E and Ryder as his back up. ( and feel free to add in the other jobbers if you feel the need for the this faction ) 

Fandango and Adam Rose should become a tag team called the Dancing Rosebuds. 

The part time guys need to be getting over people and not becoming world champ like The Rock and Brock are doing these days you dig W.W.E. 

The Women's Division , The Tag Team Division , and The Middle Card Guys needs to be apart of better stuff so the W.W.E. can fall back on them in times when needs like as in now days. 

The W.W.E. should team up with the Syfy channel and make a new Contra movie based off the old video game for NES Starring Alex Riley as Scorpion and Christian as Mad Dog in a Rated T.V. MA Contra movie that will air after Smackdown. ( An Hell Christian and Alex Riley could even tag team together for a match on Smackdown the night of the airing of the Contra movie. ) 

zack Ryder as Bayou Billy in a W.W.E. movie based off the comic books series that is loosely based of the video game called The Adventures of Bayou Billy. But Ryder in the movies would be cool. 


Bring in The Headbangers should be a tag team in T.N.A. 

Go old school with X division. 

The Tag Team Division needs help. 

Cherry Bomb needs to be a T.N.A. KO because trust me she will step up the KO division in a big time way once she becomes a KO. 

The Menagerie needs a push. 

Magnus as face vs Bram in the U.K would be sick with it ! 

Give Bobby Roode a nice run with the T.N.A. World Title. 

Here are 3 place T.N.A. could do show from that am sure the fans will show up for T.N.A. #1. St John Arena in Steubenville O.H. #2. WesBanco Arena Wheeling W.V. #3. Weirton Millsop Center in Weirton W.V. Because the Tri State area of the Ohio Valley loves T.N.A. pro wrestling. 

Discovery Network's VELOCITY has offered TNA a deal to become the new home of Impact Wrestling. According to the report, the network is only available in 48 million homes and can only be accessed in high definition. An T.N.A. impact should make Velocity it's new home and if they could get a second show that isn't Xplosion on the air on VELOCiTY that would be great. Maybe call T.N.A. Boom a just saying. 

Keep linking up with other wrestling companies from all over the world so T.N.A. can keep growing. 

N.W.A. Vs. T.N.A. would be a cool One Night Only P.P.V. 

Bring back the Gut Check.  ( An Hell even a Gut Check it show could work ) 

Younger guy Like say a AR Fox , Jimmy Nutts , Sugar Dunkerton , Facade , Chase Owens , ( An the list could go on for days ) but anyways these guys should get a look at by T.N.A. 

Bring back Garrett Bischoff  and just let him be himself as a guy just trying to do right by the fans this time around. 

Goes balls out with all things you say and do on impact and make it sexy as Hell so you can truly earn that T.V. 14 rating your rocking these days. Go deep if need be T.N.A. 

 More never before seen stuff needs to happen like say never before seen story-lines never before seen rivalries never before matches and so on and on. 

King of the Mountain D.V.D. Box Set of all the King of the Mountain matches would be killer sweet ! An bring back the King of the Mountain. 

Bring back the T.V. Title for the Xplosion and impact shows because it's needed if these new faces and younger guys want to become big time and fresh in minds of fans. JUST SAYiN ! 

A new hour long T.N.A. pro wrestling online show ( That will be upload on youtube and others sits ) called T.N.A. All The Way that will have 3 matches each episode and each week it will be a KO's match to kick off the show a Tag Team match as the second match on the show and the 3rd main event match on the online show will be a T.V. Title match each week. Now that would be a freakin good show YO ! 

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