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pro wrestling rant off !
Published December 14, 2012 More Info »
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W.W.E. and R.O.H rants

This new black guy faction in the W.W.E. needs a name and keep them twinners. An here is a name idea for them "The Stand" Because it's time to stand up and take what they want."  An hell even adding other jobbers in the mix might be a good thing for the faction on down the road. 

The King of The Ring needs to make a comeback in the W.W.E. 

Put Alex Riley back into in ring action for the love of God ! 

Stop jobbing out FAN !DAN ! GO ! an hook him up with Rosa Mendes as his new partner. 

The U.S. and i.C title should become one. 

Jack Swagger needs to win out in the end over Rusev in this on going rivalry. 

Step it up with the tag team division like having zack Ryder and Alex Riley as a tag team with rebecca Knox as their manager who is also a active wrestling in the women's division would be f in sweet W.W.E.. 

Cody vs Goldust at summer slam 

Edge E it up some more because as you know it gets people outside of pro wrestling talking. 

More cross over stuff and that goes for all pro wrestling companies. 

Use of more in ring skilled moves would be nice to see in pro wrestling.  Mix all the styles of pro wrestling. 

New cool gimmicks and theme songs and even new swag of all kinds is also cool. 

Sexy it up and let the wrestlers do their thing in the ring a little more. 

Bring in The Headbangers as a part time tag team like you do with Y.2.J, R.V.D, The Rock, Brock Lesnar or who have you but a tag team for once. 


Keep do the Future of Honor shows because their are a lot of guys out there on the independents that can get the job done at a high level. 

jinder Mahal & Yoshi Tatsu in R.O.H. 

The next R.O.H. T.V. Champ should be Jimmy Jacobs a nice little  The H.O.T. vs The Decade action yeah see ! 

Michael Elgin vs Bob Hardcore Holly in a Classic Career vs World Title match up on the R.O.H  T.V. show as main event one weekend would be nuts ! 

ReDragon vs The Bravado Brothers would be a good one. 

Hit up the west cost. An keep growing the tour spots because we all love us R.O.H. World Wide baby ! 

T.N.A. G.F.W. and N.W.A.

G.F.W. should pick up Trent Barreta, Curt Hawkins and Drew Mcintyre because all 3 guys we all know are good. 

Chris Master and Carlito as a tag team  Becky Bayless as their Valet. 

Mix in some young known independents so you can have your own future stars if you known where am going there home slice. 

The women's division better be good and mix into the storylines. 

Less cheese and be more down to earth with things. 

Bring the King of the mountain to G.F.W. 

Think outside the box always. 


Keep growing the independents up world wide 

A live online show once a week would be cool for the youtube channel or the web page or what have you. 

show updates and results from all N.W.A. Territories would be nice. 

Get the Dirt shits talk about all things N.W.A. pro wrestling 

N.W.A. pro wrestling magazine make it happen. 

Keep linking up with other pro wrestling companies for all over the world. 

Find T.V. time. 

Bring in the older big names like Chavo, Psychosis, Gregory Helms, Christopher Silvio, Joey Ryan, Matt Cross, and so on but you get my point N.W.A. Put asses in the sets !

Title Night Shows ( Nothing but title matches ) 

Really push the women's division because it's the best thing going in N.W.A. 

Update things a little you dig. 

Booby Roode for next T.N.A. world champ 

The T.V. Title should make a come back and have it own T.N.A One Night Only T.V. Title Tournament for the Title. 

A 3rd show is need because taped impacts and Xplosion just don't get the job done when it comes to growing a die heart fan base. 

Highlights from House Shows every house show for Youtube page would be cool an Heel even a shot or two in there would be good. 

Think about this a T.N.A. Canada Tour. 

Crazy Steve for next X champ and get back to the roots of the X division a little for them that people who just don't let it go ! 

Garrett Bischoff should come back as lone rider biker dude looking for redemption in T.N.A. if you know what i mean 

Tell the stories no only on the mic but with the in ring action a little more you dig. 

Lets get weird ! 

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