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Am here to save the day for TNA pro wrestling.
Published December 14, 2012 More Info »
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T.N.A. rant

TNA you need a new tag team in the mix in the tag team division and that tag team should be Fusion DS because they are d*mn good in the ring.  An if you want to have some fun with the tag team division add The Headbangers or make some new teams up here are a few ideas putting Hernandaz and Garrett Bischoff together as a tag team called "The Forgotten" or his would be a badass tag team Gunner and Kunx together since Gunner has the feast or fired world tag team championships #1 Contenders briefcase and all there TNA. An i call them "Guns and Nunchucks" and if you need a new name for The Headbangers call them "The Slam-Dancers". Just trust me on these ideas TNA OK.

Also a Gunner and Hernandaz tag team would as be pimp for a cash in on the freast or fried tag team championships briefcase shot. 

Add some more international flavor because a lot of us pro wrestling fans eat that up. An give them a manager if need be but hook that up !

Magnus needs beat by EY at the next PPV and EC3 needs to beat EY so EC3 can become the T.N.A. world champ. So keep pushing EC3. 

Keep using the older people on the roster to push the younger people on the roster because it's time for a change in T.N.A. Sorry but it's true. 

Making up your own gimmicks for the wrestlers and for the in ring stuff and what not is a must do for you TNA. An stop copying off the WWE. 

The storylines need to be a lot more deeper and a lot more on point. So less Dixie Cater and Less mindless BS for real T.N.A. So get fresh.

Linking up with other pro wrestling companies and doing One Night Only PPV's with them and what not stuff is always fun for the fans. 

Add Cherry Bomb to the KO's roster full time because we all know she is one of the best if not the best women's pro wreslter ever ! 

Keep this Kunx story going so we can having some real feelings for Knux because am all for Kunx doing good in TNA because his my boy ! 

impact needs to be live again.

T.N.A. Xplosion needs it's format change by having 3 matches each ep and it needs to be posted on Youtube every week as a real B show. 

Spike t.v might drop T.N.A. so if you network owners where smart you would pick up T.N.A. over the W.W.E. because the W.W.E. shows will cost more and the W.W.E. has it own network so they don't really need your network for there shows. An in my mind if T.N.A. had a good lead in show and a good show on after T.N.A impact and Xplosion. the T.N.A ratings would be way better than a 1.0 every week becasue Spike is all about MMA and that hurts T.N.A. big time + the lead in show is re-runs of cops and the show that is on after is re-runs of some tat show. 

Kenny King vs Seiya Sanada in a last man standing match at a PPV for the X divison title to end there rivalry would be super cool a TNA. 

Turning the T.N.A. Gut Check into a online show could be a really cool thing for T.N.A. to do to keep thing fresh in pro wrestling you dig TNA.

Here are 3 places in the Pittsburgh area you could start doing house shows at #3. Weirton Community Center in Weirton W.V #2. St. John Arena in Steubenville O.H  #1. Krazy about sports in Weirton W.V. (  An for a P.P.V or for a impact you could do it at the Wheeling island Stadium in Wheeling W.V.  you could get 13, 000 people in the Wheeling island Stadium and as you know the ohio valley loves TNA. ) 

Hey T.N.A bring back the T.V. Title and strap it on Rob Terry so he can showcase the T.N.A. T.V title in japan for the wrestling 1 fans. 

Colin Delaney, Lince Dorado, M-Dogg 20, Mega Muerte, Andrew Palace, Jimmy Nutts, and Dan "THE BREAD-MAN" Sandwich, should be on the roster in T.N.A. because am telling you T.N.A. all of these guys are d*mn good at what they do yo, so pick them up for me T.N.A. um k ! 

An the person i want to see in TNA the most is Colin Delaney because his gotten a lot better since his old ECW\WWE days for d*mn sure ! 

Having a few super sexy Valets for the pro wrestlers that need a manager to help them out some would be very nice ! So hook them up tna. 

Samuel Shaw needs pushed and he needs a new rivalry and a new storyline for this creepy weirdo guy gimmick of his that i like so much. 

The MMA guys need cut from the roster if there not going to fight each other on impact. An let Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Kurt Angle, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, and  Bobby Roode go to the GFW an replace them with younger guys ok TNA.  


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