W.W.E. Rant

Put Alex Riley back in the ring full time. 

Hulk Hogan wants one last run in the W.W.E. as W.W.E. World Champ and am fine with that but you better do it now because his 61 years old and the title doesn't mean jack sh*t right now so it's a good time for Hulk Hogan to have his ride off into the sunset year in 2015. #HH

An Hulk Hogan could have his last match Vs John Cena and Cena will be champ again and then from their the new blood can take over. 

Bring back the King of The Ring as a P.P.V. 

Keep letting Randy Orton and John Cena do movies.  i got ideas. 

Once the roster gets healthy the rating will jump back up so don't do anything dumb to jack up the ratings. 

The Low card and the mid card needs to be stronger because you have way to much air time to have a boring and weak ass mid card. 

Am sorry W.W.E. but The Ascension isn't the answer for the tag team division. 

Cody Vs Goldust is a must so lets do this in 2015 brothers ! 

Roman Reigns vs Big Show in last man stand match. 

Some one off the wall that no one would pick should win the Royal Rumble because that would make us sh*t are paints in joy. 

Keep the USO brothers out of the tag team title picture for a little because they where way over pushed in 2014. 

Since your stories are as half ass as it gets these days more 5 star action and clean endings are a must do for the W.W.E. 

Less BS more action so get on point with your words people. 

The people that don't get on the shows very much need air time W.W.E. 

jobbers need wins. 

Rey Mysterio and The Lucha Dragons as a faction. 

Well if your going to keep bringing in part time people bring in The Headbangers. 

Way less replays is need to be done save that time for talking and all that time you just saved by taking out the replays and the in show adds you do over and over again each episode for that matter for talk time will save time for the good matches to go longer and the more in your face stuff sh*t talking can go down you know ! But like i already said to much talking going on so get to the points ! 

Am fine with Sting vs H.H.H. but am also cool with a Sting vs Kane or Sting vs Randy Orton match. 

So if the Undertaker comes back again for a WM match am cool with Bray Wyatt facing him. 

A faction with a stand out singles superstar , a stand out Diva , and a stand out tag team would be cool. 

Sunday Night Heat and Shotgun Saturday Night should makes comes back will all new episodes on the W.W.E. Network. Come on for the jobbers and the N.X.T. roster and tryouts you dig W.W.E. 

The W.W.E. Network needs to add all the W.W.E. movies to the Network. 

The W.W.E. needs it's own T.V. channel you know like the M.L.B. you have your Online Network and your T.V. Network. 

Drop the U.S. title and replace it with the European Title ASAP ! 

Bring back the Light Heavyweight Championship Title ASAP ! 

Charlotte for W.W.E. Divas Champ in 2015 and am cool with her being on total Divas next season. An yes am also cool with her hubby T.N.A.'s Bram coming back to the W.W.E. Because am sorry W.W.E. Divas but Charlotte is the best Diva you got going ever. 

Am cool with the W.W.E. bring in ex T.N.A. , R.O.H. , N.W.A. , P.W.G. and N.J.P.W. members to the rosters on down the road. 

Guy like Chase Owens , Jay Flash , Jason Kincaid and Shynron would be a nice fits for the new Light heavyweight division. 

More W.W.E. Wrestlers crossing over into the U.S.A. and SyFy channels shows would be cool to see. 

You have got to let the divas go harder in the ring W.W.E. They got the skills so lets them use them up a.  

T.N.A. Rant

Start coming out the St John Arena in Steubenville Ohio.

Christian Von Eerie needs to be a T.N.A. as Hell so does Lufisto in 2015 so make it so T.N.A. Because their the best ! 

Bill Goldberg in T.N.A. Make it happen. 

Magnus vs Bram needs to go down in the U.K. because it's time for them to rival. 

King of Mountain and all the other T.N.A. made up matches need to make there come backs in 2015. 

More T.V. Time is need for T.N.A. and more crossover stuff into movie and show is must do to grow the fan base here in the U.S.A. 

Gut Check the T.V. show. 

T.N.A. One Night Only Live on Destination America Once a Month. 

impact Live. 

Would like to see the T.V. and KO's tag team titles make a come back in 2015. 

Keep bringing in the young blood for the X division and you should give Jay Flash for the X division. 

Push that T.V. 14 rating. 

Garrett Bischoff should come back. 

Add a tag team to the roster and if i could pick the tag team it would be The Headbangers. 

Off the Hook and No Limits should make the jump over to Destination America. 

Don't copy of the W.W.E. as much as you do and stop bringing in so meany ex W.W.E. and R.O.H. people it's for your own good. 

Both shows Off the Hook and No Limits should come back for new seasons even if you have to get new host for the shows. 

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