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pro wrestling rant off !
Published December 14, 2012 More Info »
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W.W.E. and R.O.H rants

Alex Riley should be put back into in ring action because that dude is my boy and his a beast in the ring so am say Alex Riley wins the i.C Battle Royal Match and let him when it for me. Come on W.W.E. the fans with shit there pants with joy it that happens because it would come out of no where players. So hook up him with dat i.c title son ! 

The King of Ring needs to make a come back. 

Randy Orton vs H.H.H. because Randy Orton has been busting his ass hardcore as of late so i think it's time for face turn for good old Randy if you ask me. 

Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd as a tag team again would be cool. Just think these 2 guys vs the Usos would be nuts. 

Put all the jobbers you got into a match where who ever gets pinned or taps outs loses his job. An who ever is really on there way out will lose. 

Longer matches on RAW with a little less BS would be nice ! An can we get a one on one 5 star match every now and then W.W.E. 

A tie up your stories together a whole lot better W.W.E. because your all over the place these days with things. 

Keep stepping it up with the tag team action and the divas action because the low and middle card stuff needs a kick in the pants. 

Bring back the Headbangers. 

Hold the Cheese W.W.E. 

Fire Damien Sandow or just let him be Damien Sandow because the crap you are doing with him is lame sucka ! 

R.O.H. rant: 

R.O.H needs a women's division with a title and everything. 

R.O.H. needs a video game. 

R.O.H. you need to have never before matches on the t.v show and save the P.P.V. replays, the shoots, the spotlight stuff and all that kind of crap for online. 

Bring in Crime Time as a tag team since "R.O.H is the best in tag team wrestling". 

The Decade needs ended real soon like. 

Faction the H.O.T. again after this Jay Lethal stuff plays out. 

Keep linking up with other pro wrestling companies. 

T.N.A. G.F.W. and N.W.A.

G.F.W. rant: 

Mix the best of the independents with guys like Chavo, Crimson, Cliff Compton, Drew Mcintyre, Jinder Mahal, Mason Ryan, Curt Hawkins, Yoshi Tatsu, Trent Barreta, Jimmy Yang Yang and other big name guys. 

Tag team like: The Bravado Brothers, The Headbangers, Fusion DS, Crime Time, LAX,  Carlito and Chris Masters, Chavo and Juventude Guerrera, should be in the G.F.W. 

G.F.W. needs t.v. time and more online stuff for sure. 

G.F.W. needs to keep linking up with other companies as they are doing with N.J.P.W. and A.A.A. it's a good thing for pro wrestling. 

The storylines better be on point. 


N.W.A. needs t.v time and a video game. 

Keep growing the N.W.A. territories world wide keeping independent pro wrestling alive. 

Use the older big name guys to bring in the fans. 

Really push the N.W.A. women's division because it's the best thing going in N.W.A. 

Step it up with the tag team action by bring in tag teams like The Headbangers, The Bravado Brothers, Fusion DS, Crime Time, and whatever known tag team you can bring in for the shows. 

Highlight videos and spot lights videos online for the web page would be nice. 

More stuff for sale would be cool. 

MP4 your DVD's to sale online. 

Am thinking The Bravado Brothers as the new N.W.A. U.S. tag champs would really make them titles worth wild if they had them bad boys. 


The next X division champ should be Crazy Steve because his hot right now and over with the fans so do it now before he cools off with the fans. ( An yes i know Sanada lost his title to A double and A double cashed in the X division title for a shot at Bobby Lashley for the world title. ) An step it up with the X division. 

The T.V. should make a come back. 

Keep EC3 on his winning ways. 

Keep mixing things up and keep doing wild as Hell shit because it makes things fun. 

T.N.A. vs N.W.A. for a One Night Only P.P.V. would be cool and keep linking up with other companies keeping wrestling alive world wide baby. 

More live shows is a must and second t.v show is also a must do for T.N.A. wrestling. So am thinking T.N.A. on T.B.S. on Saturdays a. 

Bring back the Gut Check. 

Mix things up with KO's so where not seeing the same things over and over again. 

New theme music and ring gear and all that kind of stuff would be sweet. 

A good mix younger wrestlers in with the older wrestlers is a good thing so don't totally kill of the older guys. 

Lets get weird. 

Clean 5 star matches it would be nice ! 

Look i know everyone is all about A Double becoming champ again but Bobby Lashley needs to beat Double A. So we can have a Bobby Lashley vs Bobby Roode T.N.A. World Title Match and Bobby Roode wins becoming T.N.A. World Champ again but as a face this time would be the best thing for T.N.A. to do in my mind  T.N.A. So Roode for champ all the way T.N.A. 

( Look i would get deep on this crap but i best chill out for now. ) 

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