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pro wrestling rant off !
Published December 14, 2012 More Info »
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Pro Wrestling

A.A.A. U.S.A. Lucha Libre The Masked Warriors Pro Wrestling on FunnyOrDie.com 

N.W.A. and T.N.A. should link back up together. 

T.N.A. on W.G.N. 

W.W.E. needs to bring back the King of the Ring. 

Prince Devitt vs Justin Gabriel in a rivalry would be sick with it so do that up W.W.E. 

Prince Devitt and Justin Gabriel would also make for one really really good tag team. 

The T.N.A. tag team division needs a kick in the pants and T.N.A. could do so by adding a tag team to roster.  Fusion D.S. , The Headbangers , The Masters of Cool ( Carlito and Chris Masters ) , The Bravado Brothers , Sonjay Dutt & Jinder Mahal , and the list could go on forever. 

Dragon Gate Japan vs Dragon Gate U.S.A. would be a cool i.P.P.V. 

N.J.P.W. should start working with T.N.A. again and just let bygones be bygones. 

T.N.A. should bring the Gut Check and also should bring the King of the Mountain. 

Magnus , EC3 and Samuel Shaw need to become the new back bone of T.N.A. 

T.N.A.  Xplosion on Velocity and maybe even a second T.N.A. show on Velocity called BOOM ! 

The new independents companies from all over the world need to keep linking up with the N.W.A. 

Don't lean on only one person to be your stop star because you need a few top people so if any thing happens you can fall back on others. 

Crazzy Steve needs pushed or at least better spots in his matches. 

Less BS and more action on RAW would be nice ! 

No more part time world champs. 

Fandango and Adam Rose should become a tag team called The Dancing Rosebuds. 

Curtis Axel , Big E ,Titus O'Neil & Alex Riley should become a faction called The Antivirus. 

Even more random rants about all thing Pro Wrestling

The Headbangers vs Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco vs Tencozy for the N.W.A. World Tag Team Titles. 

Barbi Hayden Vs Cherry Bomb in a 2 out of 3 falls match for the N.W.A. Women's World Championship Title. 

N.W.A. pro wrestling needs a T.V. show. So am thinking N.W.A. on C.M.T. 

Beyond Wrestling vs A.A.A. U.S.A. Really the more cross promotions stuff the better in my eyes. 

More cross over stuff into T.V. and films and what not would be a good thing for G.F.W. 

Top 3 guys that should be picked up by G.F.W. #3. Mega Muerte #2. Jimmy Nutts #1. A.R. Fox 

Top 3 women that should picked up by the G.F.W. #3. Kacee Carlisle #2. Athena Reese  #1. Mia Yim 

G.F.W. needs a T.V. show. Just sayin ! 

P.W.G. vs  C.z.W. would be hardcore. 

Edge it and sexy it up T.N.A. 

One five star match on RAW each week would be nice ! 

( Look i could really get into this stuff and go really deep on you but it would never end so am done. ) 

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