T.N.A. rant

What ever it takes no matter what get Bill Goldberg on the Roster before jumping over to W.G.N. for Live impacts. 
( People will go nuts and a lot of the older W.C.W. will come back to watching T.N.A. + who doesn't like Goldberg i mean come on ! ) 

Put Garrett Bischoff back on T.V.  as s straight shooting nonsense son of a bitch that is sick of playing around ! 

Samuel Shaw and Brittany in some mix tag matches together would be in making sure this love story keeps going. 

The Menagerie need to get even more weird and they need some wins and maybe do some 4 vs 4 mix tag match with them ever once in a blue moon would be fun. 

6 way x division matches ever now and then are always nuts. 

Look if i had to pick one guy to get a push in T.N.A. as in right now it would my boy Crazy Steve. 

T.N.A. needs a second show on the air here in the U.S.A. and they can call they show T.N.A. BOOM. 

A tag team or two is need to be added to the roster and if i could pick any one tag team it would my all time favorite Tag Team The Headbangers but even Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff back together in T.N.A. as a tag team would be fine by me. Do something ! 

A free web show for the youtube channel would be sweet ! 

Look if you are having a hard time telling stories just post stuff up about the storylines online to go viral. 

Velvet Sky should star as Barb Wire in a new Barb Wire movie. But anyways the crossover stuff does help grow the fan base even if it is straight copying the style of the W.W.E. by doing so you know. But then again that kind of thing has been going on since the 70's at least. 

Have the wrestlers do small parts on the W.G.N. shows. Because T.N.A. will help grow W.G.N. America in becoming bigger and better a. 

Keep working with other companies even if it's only for the One Night Only P.P.V.'s. 

Maybe T.N.A. Gut Check could become a W.G.N. show that is kind of like T.N.A. British Bootchamp or W.W.E. Tough Enough or what have you could be a cool new reality show for W.G.N. to air on W.G.N. America. 

T.N.A. should make a channel on www.Filmon.com Like the N.W.A. has going on these days. 

Keep the stories on point the action good because that keep people coming back for more every time. 

Push that 14 rating with the funny stuff , the sexy , the action and so on because it make it different for all the others. 

The true T.N.A Wold Cup needs to make a come back and so does the T.N.A. King of Mountain. 

Would like to see the T.V. title and KO's tag team titles make a come back if T.N.A. can get more T.V. time or some new online shows going or what have you a. 

No more MMA guys in T.N.A. because it's not working out every well at all. Sure Bobby Lashely worked out but all the other guys didn't. 

Steve Blackman in T.N.A. as a part time guy would be cool. 

T.N.A. needs a new T.N.A. impact zone that isn't in Orlando. 

T.N.A. needs a new video game out. 

New theme songs , new gimmicks , new characters and what not in 2015 could be cool. 

( An look i will get into this more later on but that is all for today ) 

R.O.H. and others

Look if you run a independent pro wrestling promotion it would be a smart move to link your company up as part of the N.W.A. Territories. An yes this goes for any company anywhere in the world. 

R.O.H. Vs N.W.A. The video game would be cool. 

More companies working together to grow pro wrestling as a whole needs to keep on keeping on my friends. 

R.O.H. needs more T.V. and more P.P.V.'s on the T.V. 

R.O.H. needs trivial to places they never been before in 2015. So they can keep growing that fan base that is growing all the time. 

R.O.H. needs to make the T.V. title about the young stars coming up in the world of pro wrestling again. 

N.W.A. on T.B.S. on Saturdays again with a 1 hour long show that airs 6pm - 7pm like that old W.C.W. show would be cool. But any channel will do for the N.W.A. because they need a world wide or at national t.v show that will air each week like R.O.H. and A.A.A. underground have going on these days. 

More free live i.P.P.V.'s on Youtube please. 

Free live web shows for independent events. 

R.O.H should do more Web exclusive matches. 

R.O.H. should do more Future of Honor events like say maybe one every month or so a. 

Dew Galloway needs to keep doing what his doing all over the world int he independents becoming the king of the independents. 

Dew Galloway vs Rob Conway for the N.W.A. Gold. 

Chris Masters Vs Buff Bagwell on N.W.A. S.A.W. to kick of a show would be a good one. 

N.J.P.W. needs air time in the U.S.A. so N.J.P.W. should keep working with the N.W.A. , G.F.W. and R.O.H. so we fans for the U.S.A. can get into the N.J.P.W. Stuff like we all should be you dig sports fans. 

Some of the people A.A.A. Underground should also cross over into A.A.A. Lucha Libre down in Mexico if you ask me. An a cross over episode or two to help get A.A.A. Underground off the ground might be of some help even. 

G.F.W. needs to keep working with A.A.A. and N.J.P.W. and the N.W.A. so it can be truly a Global Force ! 

Guy like: Scorpio Sky , AR Fox , Matt Cross , Jay Flash , Jimmy Nutts ,  Cody Hall , Joey Ryan , Christian York , Chuck Taylor , Johnny Gargano , Drew Gulak , Chris Hero , Ricochet , Jinder Mahal ( An the list could go on forever and a day ) 

Team like:  Fusion DS , The Heatseekers , The Masters of Cool ( Carlito and Chris Masters ) , The Headbangers , Wes Brisco and Garrett Bischoff , PG 13 , Total Black Out , Lenny and Lodi , Crime Time , London and Kendrick , The Highlanders , Curt Hawkins and Trent  Barreta ,  ( An the list could go on ) 

women like:  Cherry Bomb , Kacee Carlisle , Aksana ,  Mia Yim , Brittney Savage , Lufisto , Ana Rocha , Tomoka Nakagawa , and Kellie Skater should get a shot in a big company again and for some of the for the first time. 

N.W.A. should make better use of the big names that are on the independents these days for their shows. 

Post more matches on the N.W.A. Ringside page. 

The new N.W.A. ringside web page is nice but selling tickets to all the up coming events and more D.V.D.'s and other kind of swag for sell by the N.W.A. would help bring in some money in my mind anyways. But N.W.A. is making a big time come back my friends. 

N.W.A.  ALL-STARS on the C.W. on Sunday nights 8pm - 10pm where each sunny is like a P.P.V. Where only the best of the best come out to play in the N.W.A. 

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