After WM ideas for the W.W.E.

The King of Ring P.P.V. should make a come back. 

Alex Riley should be put back into the ring full time. 

The Light Heavyweight Championship needs to make a come back. 

Drop the U.S. title for the European Title. 

John Cena needs to tap out Rusev. 

Roman Reigns beats Lesnar becomes new champ then Seth Rollins chases in his money in the band and wins the Title leading into the Roman Reigns Vs Seth Rollins rivalry can happen and maybe even but Dean Ambrose can get into the mix if need be a. 

Randy Orton Vs Fandango in a rivalry start by Fandango jumping Randy Orton becasue FAN ! DAN ! GO ! is the new " Legend Killer " here in the W.W.E. New that would be a cool Rivalry. 

Tyson Kidd and Antonio Cesaro Vs The Lucha Dragons Vs The USO twins Vs Los Matadores 8 man tag match 

Hideo itami Vs El Geneico Vs Kevin Ownes Vs Finn Balor , Vs Adrian Neville Vs Tyler Breeze in a elimination chamber match for the N.X.T. Title would be off the hook baby ! 

Cut the fake injury BS out because it's bad ju ju because as we all know the Superstars and Divas get hurt bad and some times injured a lot doing their thing you dig. 

More Clean ends  , Less BS , more action , more in your face and to the point. 

Sexy it up and edge E it up with the Divas , that or let the action go hard yo !

Alex Riley wins a battle royal and gets a shot at the i.c. title is one way you could bring him back to the t.v side of things in the ring. 

Alex Riley stands up for the locker room Vs The Authority Members Big Show and Then Kane is a way he could come back full time. 

Alex Riley Vs Fandango in a 4 corners bull rope match. 

The Authority makes Goldust and Stardust fight each other after getting into each others faces after losing a tag team match with a quick roll up.  

Best out of 3 , Kane Vs Bray Wyatt , Fist match:  First Blood , Second match: inferno , Rubber match: casket match , now that would be my jam. 

Tornado tag matches for the Divas division. 

W.W.E. Studios

The Night  (  AKA the Day part 2 but this time it take place in the abandoned city of Hartford in the summer time with an all new cast. ) 

12 Rounds 3: The Final Round (  A lawyer named Dan Cody ( Nicholas Nemeth) has had his wife Jodie and his son Levi kidnapped and the only way to same them is to play a game of 12 rounds with a mystery man a man he once put away. So can Dan the man win the game or is it game over for the Cody family.  Rated R. ) 

Oculus: The Darker Side ( Oculus part 2. ) 


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